How to make a fast Angular SEO-friendly app

How to make a fast Angular SEO-friendly app

How to do SSR for an Angular SEO-friendly app using Google Cloud Run and Firebase hosting.

When you do an Angular app, sooner or later you will think about SEO. Firstly I thought google anyway will parse my app because I heard it can. Days passed, but there was no result, so I started to think about what can I do. My goal was to be SEO-friendly with a high PageSpeed Insights score and do not spend all money in the world on servers. It looks like I found a way!

As a result, I have an approximately 80+ PageSpeed Insights score, it’s scalable, and it’s almost free to host it. Before achieving these results, I tried different choices:

1-st try: Prerendering

Firstly I tried prerendering for the most important pages. In theory, it should provide the best performance, but I had lots of issues with the PWA feature (Progressive Web App). If you don’t need PWA support, probably it’s the best choice for you.

2-nd try: SSR with Google cloud functions

With this approach, my app worked for a long period. Social networks and crawlers can parse any page of the app and it supports perfectly the PWA. But it has a super huge issue with performance — cold start. Cloud functions are stateless, and the execution environment is often initialized from scratch, which is called a cold start. It can take approximately 3–5 seconds before starting execution + SSR time 300–600ms. It’s not acceptable in 2020 to ask users to wait so long.

3-rd and last try: SSR with Google cloud Run

With Google Cloud Run visitors don’t have to wait for a cold start. The app is SEO-friendly and supports the PWA feature. Also, Google provides quite large free tier limits, so probably it will cost nothing for you to host an app.

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