Understanding how to use Task and ValueTask

Understanding how to use Task and ValueTask

In this video, Stephen Toub chats with Rich about ValueTask and how it might help reduce allocations and memory usage for your asynchronous .NET code.

[00:34] - What is ValueTask and why do we need it?

[05:22] - What is a good scenario for ValueTask?

[10:00] - What is IValueTask?

[12:14] - Why was the non-generic ValueTask introduced?

[13:54] - Does ValueTask offer cancellation?

[14:42] - What can you do with Task vs ValueTask?

[16:28] - What’s the uptake with ValueTask usage?

[18:28] - How does IAsyncEnumerable task advantage of ValueTask?

[21:11] - What other performance work is happening around allocations?

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