AI-Powered Code Completion Is Amazing… and Scary Sometimes

AI-Powered Code Completion Is Amazing… and Scary Sometimes

AI-Powered Code Completion Is Amazing… and Scary Sometimes. A free tool that will save you a lot of time

Code completion has long been an accepted and expected feature of coding tools and IDEs in particular, but in recent times, we’ve been getting some tools that range somewhere between super useful and super scary.

My main contact point here is the increasingly well-known TabNine, a VS Code extension that puts AI-powered autocomplete at your disposal.

Context-Based Autocomplete

Look at the example above. What do you see? Instead of using the more commonly used as it normally would, TabNine now recognizes that the file is named renameLowerCase and assumes that this is the likelier use case I have in mind.

Actually, this one wasted time for me since I sat there, slowly clapping and then switching windows to create this article.

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