Test Planning Simplified

Test Planning Simplified

Don't bore or bamboozle your stakeholders with lengthy test plan documents. Use these leaner, simpler, more easily digestible options instead. When writing a test plan, keep the 5 W’s front of mind: What, When, Who, Where, hoW.

In my experiences of planning for testing in various environments, and across several teams and organizations, the value of that planning was never the document itself; rather, it was the thoughts and consideration of the activities, resources and potential risks and issues yet to be discovered. Thinking deeply about all of those things and writing them down, in whatever form the final document took, was the real value of the exercise.

Having those thoughts documented can of course be useful when you need to communicate the testing activities across a team of subordinates. It’s not quite so useful for communicating your intentions as they relate to testing activities to your stakeholders. It’s far better to have those people in the room with you while you’re formulating your plan so that they can provide you with the information you need to do that planning; and so that they have a say in the what, when, who, where, how of your test plan.

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