The Validate Subsequence Algorithm: A Deep Dive

The Validate Subsequence Algorithm: A Deep Dive

I am going to be picking out one then explaining how my thought process was when solving the algorithms. Afterwards, using a test example to explain it on a deeper level. Take a quick look at The Validate Subsequence Algorithm: A Deep Dive.

Like the way love and money make the world go round, algorithms are what makes the technical job interview go round, along with a sprinkle of data structure fundamentals of course. Understanding these two topics and knowing how to solve them quick is what lays out a firm foundation for any programmer to grasp the skill of how to write efficient code better.

Why is this true? There are many answers to why solving algorithms makes you a better developer, but the simplest way I’d like to address this is by stating a truth. The truth is algorithm is just a fancy word for procedure. In other words it’s just a list (sometimes one that has to repeat before ending) of a series of steps a computer follows to perform a task. So if you can code a procedure to get a result, then it makes it easier to apply your patterns in your procedures to coding projects which is what makes it easier to write better code.

Still too complicated? Think of it this way: a cake mix box’s instructions is considered an algorithm.


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