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A World Melting Away

Climate change and human factors affect many animals in the world today. Numerous animal species are on the brink of extinction because their habitat faces these challenges. Polar bears are one of the species which are under the scrutiny of scientists as it may disappear because of global warming, hunting, and other human influences. Nevertheless, there are methods and techniques that may save these species from extinction. Modern scientists and politicians may help polar bears survive and thus receive both economic and non-economic advantages.
To begin with, in my opinion, such kind of animals as polar bears might disappear in the nearest future for several reasons. First of all, white bears are exposed to extinction due to climate change. It is a well-known fact that they hunt on fish from the banks of the ice floes. Due to global warming, the bears are unable to hunt and are starving (Palmer para. 6). Moreover, they are susceptible to the human factor, too. The action of mining workers has a negative impact on the lives of polar bears. They pollute the environment and urge the animals leave their territories. It is no less important that polar bears are vulnerable to attacks by hunters. Despite the fact that hunting is limited, poachers have greatly reduced the population. Thereby, there are at least three reasons in order to assume that the polar bears are on the verge of extinction.
In the second place, there is an opinion that the polar bears are not valuable for humanity and the United States of America; nonetheless, it is erroneous. Firstly, they perform a number of useful economic functions. Viewing polar bears in the wild and in zoos brings quite a lot of money to the state (Olar et al ch. 2). In addition, some companies pay relatively high interest rates in order to use the image of a polar bear on their logo and packaging. Secondly, there are also socio-cultural functions that polar bears perform. They are useful for science and have the existence value. They help people to obtain knowledge about the environment being a part of the culture and art of many nations. Summarizing these facts, polar bears have a value for the humanity and America in particular because of economic, social, and cultural reasons.
Furthermore, it should be noted that it is vital and necessary to protect the polar bears as their defense is a positive contribution to the environmental protection. As Carrington states, “The number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years, according to a new analysis” (para. 1). This shows that polar bears may appear on the list of extinct animals in future; thus, it is important that humanity protects them. Thus, people will save their cultural heritage as well. It is worth noting that the protection of polar bears is directly related to the care of the environment. It is necessary to monitor climate change and pollution of air and water in order to save them. Hereby, protecting polar bears, humanity protects the planet as well.
In addition, it is possible to save polar bears from extinction through such actions as informing people about the issue and direct support. First of all, it is necessary to create large information campaigns to inform people about the extinction of polar bears. Companies that use a polar bear for advertising campaigns could help in this. Secondly, scientists and volunteers may help polar bears in their survival directly. They may ensure that the latter are not hungry and heal sick animals. Moreover, their studies may help to understand how to stop global warming in order to preserve their natural habitat. In this way, it is possible to save the polar bears through the joint efforts of the whole society.
There are feasible ways to help the polar bears currently. In the first place, it is necessary to inform people that the animals are dying out. Most of individuals do not have such information but they may help through voluntary organizations and donations to researchers that deal with this issue. Moreover, it is vital to reduce the number of mining companies in the habitat of polar bears. This may allow to save the climate and the purity of environment. Additionally, the state may sponsor scientific campaigns and expeditions which study human impact on the population of polar bears. This may help to eradicate illegal hunting for them and starvation among the animals.
Last but not least, if humanity saves the polar bears from extinction, this will help to get both economic and noneconomic benefits that may recoup all expenses. First of all, people will continue to pay money in order to see alive polar bears. It may bring a huge annual revenue to the state. In addition, the companies will continue paying interest for using the image in their advertising campaigns. In the second place, there are also non-economic consequences which, in my opinion, are much more precious. Helping polar bears, mankind will be able to save environment and purity of the planet where it lives. Moreover, a huge cultural layer will be saved as well. Lastly, the scientific community will be able to continue studying polar bears to learn more about them. Thereby, there are quite a lot of substantiated reasons to invest in the protection of polar bears.
In conclusion, the polar bears are at risk because they are on the brink of extinction. The global warming, development of the mining industry, and hunting are the main factors that threaten these animals. Nevertheless, it is necessary to help scientists save the polar bears because they bring both state and humanity economic, social, and cultural benefits. Currently, there are ways to change the living conditions of these animals for the better.

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A World Melting Away

Android Hello World Program - Create Your First App in Android Studio

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What is World Token (WORLD)

Efficiently advertised and with a merchant system on the roadmap, it is a project for the people who are already knee-deep in the Ethereum ecosystem also including the common consumers who are new to Ethereum and the crypto currency market - Broadening our audience and boosting the introduction and awareness into the WORLD of crypto currency.

Connected world

A 3% transaction tax goes to holders (later on merchants too), stakers, and a perpetual marketing and development fund. This project is built to keep going and continually expand further until it has its own ecosystem to call its own.

The $WORLD system guarantees token rewards to LP stakers on every block, regardless if there was a $WORLD transaction on it or not. Under the same system, rewards will scale as the project grows, whilst ensuring the rewards pool can never run out


TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000

PRESALE: 40,000,000

PRIVATE SALE: 25,000,000




20M marketing tokens will be locked on Team.Finance during presale and until after listing on Uniswap.

No additional minting and all rewards will come from the token tax. Each transaction made on $WORLD tokens will incur a 3% tax on all transactions. For example, sending 100 $WORLD from wallet A to wallet B will have wallet B receiving net 97 $WORLD tokens.

3% tax on all transactions

‣ 1% goes to Marketing Fund

‣ 1% goes to Regular Holders

‣ 1% goes to Liquidity Pool Providers

Staking, Rewards, Burn

Frictionless Staking

Anyone holding the token will receive rewards, except the Marketing Fund address (it will be blacklisted for this function). If you own 5% of the supply, you will receive 5% of the 1% holder’s rewards, plus a bit more since the marketing fund will not receive any rewards. There is no need to deposit tokens into any contracts, simply keeping the tokens in any ERC-20 wallet will reward holders with more tokens.

Liquidity Provider Rewards

Depositing Uniswap LP tokens for the ETH-WORLD pair into the website/farming contract will also reward users with another 1% pool. Every block, 1% from every $WORLD token transaction is sent to the LP Rewards pool contract. At midnight every UTC, the system takes account of the total amount of the pool, and this slices 1% from it as the upcoming day’s rewards on every block. This way, every day 1% of the total reward pool will be sent as rewards to the LP providers, whether or not there was a $WORLD token transaction on that specific block. This ensures LP providers will get a guaranteed reward on every block, the reward scales higher as the pool gets larger, and that the reward pool will never be drained.

The accrued rewards are displayed on the user dashboard on the website and is claimable any time without fees, outside of the ETH network fee(gas) for claiming. This pool is reserved entirely for LP providers. At any time, there may be 100 holders and 2 LP providers and in which case the LP providers would earn more rewards than holders. On the first day of launch, 1 million tokens will be immediately assigned to the contract to start the rewards pool immediately.

Sample Computation:

Assuming zero transactions and a 1000 reward pool:

Today at 0:00 UTC: 10 tokens divided by the next 24 hours of blocks (which is 6544, but may change according to the network) = 0.001528 per block today.

Next day at 0:00 UTC assuming no rewards are added: 1% of 990 = 9.9 tokens divided by 6544 = 0.001512 tokens per block on this day.

Burn Address

At Uniswap Listing, World token team will be burning $WORLD tokens to start this off.

1% of all supply (1 Million $WORLD tokens) will be sent to the  burn address and this address will continue to grow with each passing transaction, as part of the holders’ rewards.

Partnerships and Merchants

In this phase, merchants will be incentivized to accept World tokens with their registered ETH address due to their higher reward pool rates, which in turn promotes a slower sell rate (as opposed to receiving $WORLD then dumping the entire amount right away).

Here at WORLD, all our merchants will undergo a stringent screening process; merchants will need to apply with an existing web store with at least three (3) months of business activity and have to provide their sales history for the past month.We will also be accepting merchants with less than three (3) months of history, depending on their following and/or customer base. All related factors will be taken under manual review for each merchant.

Revised 3% tax to all transactions

‣ 1% goes to Marketing Fund

‣ 0.4% goes to Merchant Holders

‣ 0.6% goes to Regular Holders

‣ 1% goes to Liquidity Pool Providers

More information will be finalized and released about merchants, stores, platform, and pricing when this phase nears.

Looking for more information…

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