How This NLP-Driven Literature In Extracting Relevant COVID

How This NLP-Driven Literature In Extracting Relevant COVID

NLP Researchers from Merck Group have developed an NLP-based search engine to find accurate COVID actionable insights.

With the growing risk of the fast-paced spread of COVID pandemic across the globe, there is an urgent need for potential approaches to break the chain, if not all-out, to find a cure. Currently, there is significant research and literature for this uncertain situation which is majorly related to previous epidemics spread. It might not be totally specific for our current pandemic situation but still can be valuable. These works of literature and research can provide information and approaches which can be used to improve the policy measures to fight this pandemic.

Thus, researchers — Prathamesh P. Karmalkar, a principal data scientist at Merck Group; Rohit Rangarajan, an NLP Expert at Merck Group; Bharat Hegde, master thesis project at Merck KGaA; Dr Harsha Gurulingappa, text analytics product owner at Merck KGaA; and Jerry Megaro, global head of advanced analytics at EMD Millipore Corporation — have developed an NLP-based search engine leveraging these research, ideas and data available to find accurate COVID actionable insights for bringing out medical innovation. With this solution, the researchers are aiming to help the community to find the right information using the methods of deep learning search.

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