How Django Enables Rapid Development of Maintainable Web Applications

How Django Enables Rapid Development of Maintainable Web Applications

This post help you understanding the Django Web Framework. How Django Enables Rapid Development of Maintainable Web Applications

Django is a high-level web framework in Python that allows users to easily build web applications rapidly with minimal code. The Django framework follows the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern. This setup facilitates easy development of complex database-driven web apps. Through these design patterns, Django emphasizes reusability of components. It also follows the don’t-repeat-yourself (DRY) principle, which reduces repetition in software through abstraction and data normalization to avoid redundant code. Django can be used in a variety of web applications, including customer relationship management systems (CRMs), social media applications, online marketplaces, on-demand delivery applications and many more. Lots of familiar web applications currently use Django, including Instagram, Dropbox, Spotify and Mozilla, among several others. As you might suspect based on its widespread use, the MVC design pattern enables rapid development, scalability and security in web applications.

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