Unpatched Wi-Fi Extender Opens Home Networks to Remote Control

A popular Wi-Fi extender for the home has multiple unpatched vulnerabilities, including the use of a weak, default password, according to researchers. Also, two of the bugs could allow complete remote control of the device.

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The Security Issues in Using Public Wi-Fi  —  “Honeypots” And “Pineapples”

It is a warm and sunny afternoon on a weekend. This is a good time to head to a cafe to chill for a bit with a coffee and pastry. It is also perfect for some web surfing using the free Wi-Fi service. The next thing you would need to know is the Wi-Fi access point (i.e. hotspot) and password. Now you are all set and connect to the Internet. For the average user this is fine, but for cybersecurity experts there is a risk to using free Wi-Fi services.

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