Demystifying Spring Boot

Demystifying Spring Boot

In this tutorial, we'll learn the basics of API development in Spring Boot. Let's explore it with us now.

The basics of API development in Spring Boot

The world of back-end frameworks is much more uncommon than that of front-end frameworks. You always hear about JavaScript and its flavors such as React, Vue, and Angular (cough cough). On YouTube, the number of front-end videos multiplies by the second, and for a lot of people including myself, the first back-end language we might hear about is PHP. It took me a while to realize that Python can do similar things to Flask and Django. But again, I did not see these flooding my notifications like JavaScript and general Python and Java languages.

When browsing job descriptions, especially for jobs in my country, one of the most common back-end frameworks requested by employers is Spring Boot. By this time, I was already accustomed to frameworks like Flask and Express when I decided to learn this seemingly popular framework. I can say based on my experience that the journey was not fun.

Issues that I encountered:

  1. Spring vs. Spring Boot — what actually is the difference?
  2. Spring was old, with quite a number of releases over the years. Most code snippets were either deprecated or outdated.
  3. A lot of work was required to complete simple tasks that could be easily done in Express or Flask. What is the point of all this?
  4. Java syntax can get convoluted.
  5. There are so many ways to create a Spring project with varying degrees of complications.
  6. Explanations of why certain syntax was used were overly complex and complicated.

If you are like me and you’re having any of these issues, or even just learning Spring for the first time, this article definitely will help you on your programming journey.

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