Jenkins Is Getting Old — It’s Time to Move On

After using Jenkins on several projects, we say it's time to move on. Jenkins is left behind with his old approach — found out more!

Jenkins — How Can We Get Started Jobs in Jenkins (Part 3)

In the previous article, we learned how to create Users + Manage + Assign Roles in Jenkins. In this article, I will be highlighting how can we create some basic JOBS in Jenkins. Furthermore, these are the points which I am going to explain.

Dive into Jenkins Roles

Concept of Roles in Jenkins. A role in Jenkins basically refers to a user that can has access to Jenkins. A user can be an administrator or any non-admin privileged entity.

Automate Deployment to CloudHub using CloudHub Deployer Plugin Jenkins

Automate Deployment to CloudHub using CloudHub Deployer Plugin Jenkins. Learn how to deploy Mule applications to CloudHub using Cloudhub deployer Jenkins plugin, and achieve continuous delivery and deployment.

Jenkins Pipeline Groovy script - Part 2 Add a User to a Gitlab Group

In this post, I am discussing about how to add list of Users to newly created Gitlab group or existing group with specific permission granted to them. In companies while handling big projects and maintaining enormous code repositories, it is very much important to know what permissions supposed to be given to each member in the team.