Node.js support in Cloudflare Workers

Node.js support in Cloudflare Workers

Node.js support in Cloudflare Workers. Our Package Support Today. For over 20k packages, Workers supports this magic already: any Node.js package that uses webpack. Check out the current state of Node.js compatibility with Workers. We want to hear from you on which Node.js-dependent libraries and APIs we should support.

We released Cloudflare Workers three years ago, making edge compute accessible to the masses with native support for the world’s most ubiquitous language — JavaScript.

The Workers platform has transformed so much since its launch. Developers can not only write sandboxed code at our edge, they can also store data at the edge with Workers KV and, more recently, coordinate state within our giant network using  Durable Objects. Now, we’re excited to share our support of an 11 year old technology that’s still going strong: Node.js.

Node.js made a breakthrough by enabling developers to build both the frontend and the backend with a single language. It took JavaScript beyond the browser and into the server by using Chrome’s JavaScript engine, V8.

Workers is also built on V8  Isolates and empowers developers in a similar way by allowing you to create entire applications with only JavaScript — except your code runs across Cloudflare’s data centers in over 100 countries.

Our Package Support Today

There is nothing more satisfying than importing a library and watching your code magically work out-of-the-box.

For over  20k packages, Workers supports this magic already: any Node.js package that uses webpack or another polyfill bundler runs within our environment today. You can get started with the greatest hits packages like  node-jose for encryption,  itty-router for routing,  graphql for querying your API, and so much more.

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