Load 5 Million Rows In Oracle | #dailyDBA 2

In this episode of daily DBA, I pick up 10 important DBA related questions and give my answers! Do not forget to checkout BONUS QUESTION at the end of the video!

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02:03 After upgrading database do we need to keep old binaries or can we remove it?

04:10 I am trying to load 5 million rows into one table inside Oracle. Is there anyway I can enhance the speed of load?

07:20 While upgrading from 12.1 to 12.2 the log file shows “remove events” before upgrade to 12.2. I don’t know how to remove events from Oracle. Please help!

08:50 I always struggle with tnsnames.ora file as I always mess with parenthesis. Is there a tool that you recommend to design tnsnames.ora without errors?

09:35 In Oracle RAC, do you recommend one temp file for TEMP table space for all nodes or multiple temp files?

12:25 How can I know when is the time to increase memory on server so that my Oracle instance runs fast?

17:21 How can I upgrade Oracle client from 11g to 12c version on windows system?

19:02 My manager asked me to setup Physical Standby along with Data Guard broker. Do you have specific document for same?

20:06 What are the different database migration methods available? Which method do you recommend?

24:12 What is the difference between database SID, Database name and DB unique name?

Bonus Questions
27:22 Is DBA vanishing due to cloud?

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Load 5 Million Rows In Oracle | #dailyDBA 2