Python: How to code in 5 minutes

Python: How to code in 5 minutes

How to code in 5 minutes. I will start with Python installation and display “Hello World” on my screen.

Happy New Year to all my dear readers. We are in the year 2021 now. This year new resolution is learning technologies without any barriers. As a part of the skill improvement within my organization, our management has decided to get everyone on-board in learning all kinds of technologies that my organization is going to use this year. It is part of our strategies for data digitization and self-servicing. During the long Christmas and New Year holidays, the first step took place when every one of us is given some time off to learn Python, Tableau, Power BI, AWS Glue and Azure.

Get python installed

Today, I will start with Python installation and display “Hello World” on my screen. If you have not installed Python in your machine before, you can head to the website to get Python 3.8.x, or Python 3.9 installed. My machine is using the Windows operating system. You just select the operating systems and head to download the Python and installed in your machine. The download and installation do not take me more than 2 minutes to complete.

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