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Kabanda Nat


Embed a Spreadsheet Into Your Web App

Spreadsheets are used everywhere. There’s no doubt that a spreadsheet application like Excel is one of the most popular business applications in the world. It is so easy that anyone can use it, yet it is so powerful that it enables experts in different fields to “code” their business logic in the simplest way possible.

A standalone spreadsheet is great for personal use, but it’s hard to share. That is why Google Sheets was born. With Google Sheets, it becomes much easier to share and collaborate. But people want more — they want to have the sheet directly on their web pages; whether it is a web application, a wiki page, or a company website. An easy way, like what Google Sheets offers, is to use an iframe to embed a spreadsheet into your web page. With a single iframe tag, you can easily display a spreadsheet on your web page. This is convenient if you wish to just “display” a sheet – but if your web page needs to interact with the spreadsheet, then iframe becomes a barrier you need to cross.

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Embed a Spreadsheet Into Your Web App