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Rory West


Optimizing AWS Architecture for Cost Management

Using AWS services for your projects is a great option, but getting unexpected huge AWS bills can be a nightmare. You must know the cost factors of AWS services before you start using them. This article will discuss how you can optimize AWS architecture for better cost management using AWS cost management tools, following best practices, and applying cost optimization methods.

Typical AWS Costs

A typical AWS cost lists in AWS bills based on compute, storage, and data transfer services.

  • Compute services charge you on an hourly basis, which means you can use AWS compute services at a very low price as you only have to pay for those resources you have used. If you are using the services only for 1 hour, you would be spending only for that time.
  • AWS storage services charge you per gigabyte, so billing starts with almost as little as 1 GB. When it comes to scaling you pay as you use more resources.
  • For data transfer services by AWS, AWS also charges you per gigabyte for the data that goes out.

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Optimizing AWS Architecture for Cost Management