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The courier delivery app development is a strategy that was introduced with an intention to serve customers in getting couriers at their comfort zone. Yes! Nowadays, customers don’t want to step out from their houses in order for them to get done with any type of on-demand service like courier delivery. They wish to get it done right at the comfort of their houses itself and here is where the on-demand courier app development services come in. 

They ensure the fullest convenience that the customers deserve by offering them their desired couriers or parcels delivered right at their doorstep. In order for the process of courier deliveries to happen, the app never demands anything tough to do for the customers. Instead, it just needs one or two taps made from the customers’ side in order for the couriers to get delivered on time at the specified locations.  

The online courier/package delivery was introduced first by the world’s popular brand Uber. With Uber’s services of online courier delivery, customers found it easier to get done with their parcels delivered as per their convenience and that too at a reasonable cum low cost. This is what the aspect that has paved a lot of online courier delivery apps to come up consistently in the market. Anyway, uber stands as a predecessor of the online parcel delivery industry and it has now extended its business wings almost all across the globe with a large user base. Thus, uber’s unique business model for courier delivery has led the entrepreneurs towards building out their own apps like uber for courier to make ample profit in no time.

Online courier delivery is stated now as one of the profit-driven business models of the on-demand space. Hence it is the right time to kick start your own on-demand courier delivery app venture right with the development of a robust uber for courier clone app.

Well; let us take that you have come across a plan to build your own online courier delivery app. Now, what are all the things you need to focus to develop and deploy your courier app? Just have an insight of it in the following:

  • Login verification: Verification checks are to be done in an uber for courier app right to assure safety for both the network and the users. There might be chances that any unauthorized user logins to the app and this should be strictly prohibited. This could be made happen right with the integration of an in-built verification module in the app itself. The module could verify each and every user login whether it might be a customer or a courier delivery agent so as to avoid security threats within the system. This is one way of grabbing the uses’ attention and trust more towards the network.

When a user comes to register in the app, he needs to upload some necessary documents for the verification to get completed in a smooth manner. Once proper access approval is given, the respective user can have access over his own account in the app to avail the services further.

  • UI: User interface is what actually the entry point with which the users get into your platform for availing the on-demand courier delivery service. It takes responsibility for the entire look or appearance of the app, which means that it forms the layout for the app. Hence it should be very much attractive and appealing to get the users’ attention. It needs to be designed in such a way that it is easy to access with all the required features and functionalities. 
  • GPS and package tracking: The customers today are increasingly fond of getting tracked with their parcels right from every move until it reaches their desired destination. Also, they want to track exactly the location with which their parcels are coming up when they are on the way to the customers’ location. By the way, they can have the real time updates over their parcel deliveries so that they can easily calculate the estimate time of arrival (ETA) and they can prepare accordingly to receive the parcels. 

Live geo tracking is an excellent feature that can help customers track their parcel delivery status as and when they want. In addition, this feature has an additional credibility that the timely photos of the packages are sent every now and then to the customers in order to make them aware of what actually is going on with the parcel delivery. If there seems any damage to get occurred in the parcels, the customers can be update on that thus they can get rid of any regards to damage that can happen.

  • Price surging: the cost package delivery in an uber for courier app depends purely on the demands of delivery. Yes! Let us take for instance that a particular location is having a huge demand for delivery and if a customer wants his parcel to get delivered at this particular on-demand location, they obviously need to pay high for the sake of courier delivery. Unless and until the demand goes low, the cost of package delivery at that specific location remains high. In order to manage this price surging effect, several high-end algorithms are incorporated within the app and which take the responsibility of calculating the pricings of deliveries in accordance with the business demands.
  • Payment consoles: Once after the customers key in their parcel delivery information inclusive of the type of the parcel and the location with which it gets delivered, they can have the cost estimates right app to make the pay-outs further for the service. For this, the customers need a variety of payment gateways to be integrated on to app for making seamless and convenient payments ever. With a variety of payment gateways available in the app, the customers can get the comfort of making payments of their choice either via cash or card (credit/debit) payments, or some other modes as per their convenience.

Why uber like apps for courier/parcel delivery:

Apart from taxi servicing, uber has revolutionized the courier delivery industry as well by setting up a stunning business model uber for courier. Yes! It is one of the most prominent apps available as of now in the courier delivery business space with a lot of traction gained over the years. With the immense fame and success met by uber in the courier servicing sector has inspired a lot of entrepreneurs all across the globe today and made them build their own business app like uber for courier in no time.

Steps with which you can build your own on-demand courier delivery app like uber:

No matter what your business is and how it is going to look like…You need to concentrate on certain steps as follows to make it a successful one.

  • Selection of business model: You as a business owner needs to choose the right business model and setup that could suit the best for the industry demands and requirements. 
  • Defining the goals of the business: Setting up and specifying the goals of your business at the right time is what that can lead path to your business success. 
  • Identifying the scope of the business: Getting into what scope that your business actually holds is one way of achieving all your goals at the calculated time period. Hence it is vital to explore the scope of your business at first.
  • Must have features: Every business demands some essential features to get incorporated to make it complete yet successful. By the way, uber for courier clone apps are no more the exemptions here as they are also demanding the following features to be within it:
  1. Enterprise-grade delivery: Delivery is the major criterion of any courier app like uber, as the entire business model works right away for that to get done for the customers. So, what would be the big deal in making those deliveries premium? Indeed, it is the right choice to attain customer trust and satisfaction at the earliest.
  2. Packaging choices: the modern-day customers prefer the choice of packaging as a priority over their parcel deliveries. Yes! They want their parcels to get packed efficiently to avoid any damages with the products inside the parcels. Here is where the packaging feature comes in meet the packaging demands of the customers thus achieving more satisfaction from the customers’ side.
  3. Alerts: The customers want to have all the updates in regards to their parcel delivery orders frequently in the form of alerts or push notifications so that they could be able to get in touch with their parcel delivery processes. Some of the basic information updates that the customers can have via this feature include ETA, stage and location of delivery, and the route and time of delivery and so on.
  4. Reviews: the customers are allowed to rate the delivery services and the delivery partners right in the app by giving their timing cum valuable reviews, which might help the upcoming users of the app to get to know about the ethnicity of the services and service providers just in prior to taking their services itself.

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uber for courier app script

A Step-By-Step Guide To Build An On-Demand Courier Delivery Application

The revolution of online services has now spread to different industry verticals. Courier delivery service is one such industry that has also transformed due to the necessity of on-demand services. To meet the challenges of instant deliveries, you would require advanced courier & parcel delivery applications that consist of all cutting-edge features.

How To Develop A Robust On-Demand Courier Delivery Solution?

Choose a suitable business model: First, you have to choose the right business model for your courier service app development. Postal & courier service application, Package tracking aggregator, Branded delivery and integrated solutions are some of the business models, to name a few.

Specify your business goals: You have to give a thought about the scope and requirements of your business model.

Implementation of your concept: you can now work on the practical development of your mobile app. A few essential features that a courier service app must have to give a good user experience.

Some of the basic features are,

  1. Customer support
  2. The premium for quick delivery
  3. Packaging specifications
  4. Real-time tracking
  5. Payment methods
  6. Rewards and offers

Having this all set, you can now develop the software for your mobile app by hiring your own in-house team or finding a reputed technology developer that will take care of your entire mobile app development. The second option is convenient and beneficial because you can simply rely on professionals who have adept skills in development, design and testing.

Steps to be followed to ensure the success of your app

  1. You have to promote your app on various social media platforms
  2. You have to establish a strong customer relationship with your target audience
  3. You have to strategize offers to attract customers and send customized messages regarding all the offers and promos
  4. Act on feedback and timely rectification of the backlogs

How Much Does It Cost?

The rate relies on various factors, such as the mobile app development company you are going to hire or depends on which platform you’re going to launch, whether Android or iOS or both, etc.

On A Concluding Note,

There are many factors, like discussed above, that are to be considered to be triumphant in the courier service business. Here, at Turkey Town, our team of experienced developers offer you a customizable white-label Uber for Courier at an affordable price range. So, why wait? Grab the opportunity now and flourish in your business!

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Uber Clone App?

Uber is taking the travel industry by storm. What makes Uber like app development different from others is its constant demand by business owners because of the high revenues it generates after the release. This fact leads to queries coming in for “How much does Uber clone app development cost?”

To answer the query let’s have a look at what goes under the development process while making an Uber clone app. Here is a sneak peek at all the required features of a taxi app and time estimation to develop them:

GPS and Routing

Uber utilizes GPS services to find out the user’s location, show the available cars in the nearby area and find the best route to the destination (using real-time navigation). The charges are also calculated based on the routing. What remains in the background, is how much work goes into developing such a smooth process.

Developers use Google location services API in the case of Android Uber clone app development and CoreLocation framework in case of iOS Uber clone app development to pin the location of the users. In iOS, wifi and Bluetooth Beacon can also be used for even better location tracking.

To build all routing and location tracking functionality takes approx 130-150 hours. Therefore, depending on the developer’s hourly rate you have to pay

  • $4,900 for $35/per hour
  • $8,400 for $60/per hour

Payment Integration

One of Uber’s major early selling points was in-app payments that eliminated the need of asking for small bills, waiting long for change or overpay the driver.

To build this feature you will have to choose the right payment gateway that suits your needs. Your developers will spend around 100 to 120 hours on carefully integrating the right payment gateway and ensuring everything is secure. Depending on the developer’s hourly rates you may spend:

  • $4,200 for $35/hour.
  • $7,200 for $60/hour.

Design and UX/UI

You need an app that engages users, don’t you? A mobile application for taxi services should be easy to use, engaging and smoothly convey all the data and required steps to the users. There are 3 key standards of awesome UX/UI design and are Simplicity, Familiarity and Clarity.

The average number of hours required for design is 200.

  • Analysis and UX design – 80 hours.
  • UI design – 120 hours.

That would cost around $7,000 to $12,000 to develop an Uber-like app solution.

Registration/Login Page and User Profiles

In almost all taxi apps, users are asked to make a profile in the application before booking the first ride. To do this easily, social media integration is a go-to choice these days, while you can go with email registration as well.

Moreover, you may wish to incorporate a rating system to use the application’s security and provide consumer satisfaction. With this function, your app users will be able to rate and review their experiences with the driver and you, consequently, can take respective actions like appreciations or termination.

Implementing this feature will require around 120-140 hours. Therefore, will have to pay around:

  • $4,900 for $35/hour.
  • $8,400 for $60/hour.

Messaging and Notifications

The driver of the cab and the user may need to exchange some information, for example, directions on the arrival, estimated time the driver will take or short updates in case of any delays and so on. Uber has a basic in-built text messaging system.

Developing such functionality will require quite a long time, so you might want to leave it initially. It will take around 60 hours and thus you will have to pay around:

  • $1,960 for $35/hour
  • $3,360 for $60/hour

Final Words

Giving an exact figure for Uber like taxi app development without knowing every one of the specifications is very difficult. However, to give an estimate, a simple Uber-like app can cost you around $30,000-$40,000, while a more refined Uber-like app can cost as high as $100,000-$140,000. If you are planning to get Uber Clone App Development Services, you can contact Apptunix for getting an exact price quote. We can provide you with exact price figures depending on your specifications and a complete product development roadmap. Contact now!

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Where Do I Get The Best Uber Clone Script?

Nowadays there are many leading app development companies that provide app cloning. Cloning is nothing but replicating the existing apps. Turnkeytown is the app development company which I availed for developing uber clone script that are readily available for cloning and it is 100% customizable according to our requirements. In my experience, they provide a complete system of apps that is required for the efficient performance of the business. Let me give you a list of features offered by their apps that can help you to decide better. It is to be noted that service providers like uber require three apps to perform efficiently and the features of the three apps are listed below:

User Features

Easy Request

This app allows users to reserve their rides within a few clicks. The user only has to enter their pickup and destination and wait for the driver to pick them up.

Flexible Money Transactions

The user can use any form of payment mode such as cash, card, internet banking, or E-wallet. A wallet is also available to pay for the service.


The GPS-enabled app offers to track the driver’s current location while waiting. It also estimates the time at which the driver picks the passenger up.

Planning the Ride in Advance

The ride can be scheduled to a desired date and time for later purposes.

Rate and Review

The passenger gets to rate the driver and their ride experience and write a review on their performance.

Driver’s App

Active/Offline Mode

Drivers can switch between active and inactive modes based on their feasibility.

Accepting or Rejecting Rides

The drivers can choose whether or not to take up the ride by providing valid reasons.


The driver is given an enhanced route map to reach the passenger pickup spot promptly. And the destination is also reached hustle-free with the assistance of maps.

Admins Panel

Trip Report

The number of trips, kilometer count, passenger profile, driver profile, invoice, etc., will be available to the admin’s panel to maintain a record.

Payment Status

The payment status can be monitored whether the transaction is completed or in process or if the transaction has been canceled so that necessary actions are taken accordingly.


Even though the company integrates attractive features into the app, the ultimate will be what is the cost of this service. It is not a thing to worry about as this company is the cheapest in price and best in quality of all the app developers. If interested then get in touch with them to get your own uber clone app that makes grab the limelight in the market.

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Develop a Swift Taxi App with the Help of Uber-like App

Develop a rapid and quick on-demanding taxi service app to quench your customer’s needs. UberEatslikeApp is one of the best Uber like app development company, and helps develop a high-end app that overtakes the ride-hailing players in the business.

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Edward Logan


Build Your Own Uber App

People who live in large cities mostly refuse to own cars as they are more concerned about traffic and lack of parking space. In such circumstances, they prefer the taxi apps as it is convenient to book a ride with a few taps and avail of a safe journey. This aspires many startups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to think about how to kickstart a ride-hailing industry with an app like Uber.

Are you planning to develop a taxi booking app like Uber? This blog will explain how to replicate the original version of Uber and plunge into the ride-sharing industry.

Understand the customers’ preference
The foremost thing you have to perform is to know your target audience and understand their preferences. Yes, most families have a car on their and why they have to prefer the taxis. Therefore, it is your job to know in which geographical location you are going to concentrate where the demand for ride-hailing apps is in high demand. Moreover, it would be better to categorize your target customers based on their profile. So, you get to know for what purpose they might prefer the taxi apps.

Analyze the market trends
For a successful business, understanding and analyzing the market trend plays a vital role. It is a known fact that market trends change with time. Adapting to the recent trend is necessary to cope with the competition and stay ahead of the competition. For instance, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, including the safety features helps to gain customer loyalty and increases the number of potential customers.

Features and technology for the taxi booking app
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After researching market trends and target customers, you have to select which features will suit your business model. A few of the basic features of the taxi app are listed below.

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Geolocation
  • Registration
  • Push notifications
  • Ride cost estimation
    Ensure that you prefer to choose the recent technology as the customers can use the app with ease.

Monetization strategies
Also, you have to consider choosing the monetization strategies. The most popular revenue models are service fees from customers and commission fees from drivers. You can even integrate other revenue models into the taxi app.

App development cost
Before you get into the development cost, you have to plan your budget. When it comes to the app development cost, it mainly relies on the business requirements. The factors that determine the cost are app platform, app features, time frame, location, technology stack, app developers experience, and so on.

Partner with a mobile app development company
There are two ways in which a taxi app can be developed. One is conventional and the other is using the Uber clone script. Many prefer the clone app solution as it is readily available and budget-friendly.

Make sure to partner with an expert mobile app development company for developing the Uber clone app.

Summing up
The ride-hailing industry has surged at a peak as many people prefer to use taxi booking apps. Therefore, it is an ideal time for you to kickstart your ride-hailing business with the Uber clone app.

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