Internet Of Behaviors(IoB)- All You Need To Know About

Personalization has become a key in 2021 for service effectiveness of your business. The more effective your service will be, the more users will consider it, and eventually adapt their behaviors. Internet of behavior is transforming the service quality and changing the value chain of your product or service too. It also become important to gain insights into the emerging trend of Internet of Behavior. According to the Gartner, till 2023, 41% of people will have tracked their behavior through the Internet of Behavior. Hence you should know the details of Internet of Behaviors and how it can help you effectively.

What Is Internet Of Behaviors(IoB)?

IoB(Internet Of Behavior) is a term related to behavioral science. Simply, it uses the result of data analysis to create UX design, get a new approach to search experience optimization, or change the way of product marketing. Internet of Things(IoT) is a term related to IoB, as technically, all the data gathered from IoT and other sources are used to influence consumer behavior. As you already know, Internet Of Things is a network of physical devices that helps to collect and share different variety of data. For instance, your phone can track real-life geo position. With IoT technology, you connect your phone with a laptop, voice assistance, or smart house and get huge information about your interests and how you use products. 

Organizations can use this data to measure effectiveness of campaigns, personalize content, measure the patient’s activity and so on. 

Importance Of IoB-

Data is important for businesses and according to the Gartner IoB is one of the top technological trends in 2021. IoB provides more opportunities to collect data and analyze it. It can ensure that businesses continue their growth to the next level. But the main purpose of IoB is to collect, analyze, respond and understand all kinds of behaviors to improve user experience. Besides that, behavioral data is also assisting businesses to make more informed decisions and improve their service quality and value chain in best way. Businesses can get detailed understanding of their customers to keep them satisfied.  

Shortly, IoB is here to boost sales industry development.

How Does IoB Work?

The concept of IoB is to use data for change behavior. It’s implementation varies according to the industry type. For instance, A solution for logistic market known as telematic. Cprime Studios has expertise in building telematics solutions for commercial vehicle tracking. Telematics can analyze real-time data on vehicle’s speed, location, fuel consumption, driving behavior etc to improve the logistics.

It  is vital to mention that IoB has ethical implications depending on goals to use it. Hence, privacy laws have strong impact on adoption and scale of of IoB. 


Devices those are connected to the internet or synchronized provide huge data.But it is not new for us. When we open social media, it gets information on what we are doing on the site. IoB is focused on particular data. For instance, it analyzes the opened pages, how much time you are scrolling it, what pages you visit and what operations you are performing? 

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Internet Of Behaviors(IoB)- All You Need To Know About

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Shawn  Durgan

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Are the days of Internet Freedom Numbered?

In an ideal digital world, everyone has open access to the Internet.

In that world, all traffic is treated equally without any blocking, prioritization, or discrimination.

That ideal world is one where there is widespread support for an open Internet that ensures that publicly available information is equally transmittable from - and accessible to - all people and businesses.

An open network ensures equal accessibility. Network (net) neutrality is a principle based on the idea that all communications on the Internet should be treated equally. It opposes any potential power that some organizations may have to implement different charges or vary service quality. Such actions can be based on a set of factors that include content, platform, application type, source address, destination address or communication method.

In essence, net neutrality demands that all data on the Internet travels over networks in a fair way that ensures that no specific sites, services or applications get favourable service in terms of speed or bandwidth. It also ensures that all traffic - no matter where it’s from - gets the same service.

Is the Internet fair?

The Internet is simply a network of computers sharing information.

A better question to ask would be if ISPs are acting in a fair way.

As the intermediaries between users and the sources of information on the Internet, some large-scale ISPs wield a great deal of power.

Some have been known to tamper with traffic using “middleware” that affects the flow of information. Others act as private gatekeepers that subject content to additional controls throughout the network by giving optimal bandwidth to certain sites, apps and services while slowing down or completely blocking specific protocols or applications.

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The Future of the Internet - What are Gs and How Long will They Count? -

A peek into the History and Future of the internet with brief insights on how the changing technologies have paved the path and changed the lives of humankind.

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Chet Lubowitz


7 Basic Tips for Surfing the Internet Safely

Nowadays, we can hardly do anything without surfing the internet to access some vital information. This highlights the essence of the internet, as well as our increased reliance on this awesome technology. However, despite the importance of the World Wide Web to us, it is crucial to acknowledge the fact that surfing the internet can be risky. This is because it exposes us to various cybercrimes that can hamper our online and offline experiences in different ways.

Well, we cannot stop enjoying the benefits of the internet because of these challenges. So, what we can do is to learn about how to use this technology without exposing ourselves to certain problems. Let’s check out this detailed guide that explains 7 ways for safe surfing.

1. Always secure your personal information

As you use the internet, you are likely going to come across various websites that will request your personal information. Nevertheless, before dropping your personal information, ask yourself whether it is worth it or not.

You must be wary of submitting your home address, personal relationships, bank details, or any other personal information. Don’t let the assumed anonymity of your online presence fool you. Therefore, when you are online, you should treat your personal information like you would do offline.

2. Only purchase items from secure sites

Since e-commerce has become a common avenue for most individuals to shop for different products and services, it is not strange to provide bank or credit card information online. However, cybercriminals are lurking around the internet and, as such, they may get the information. You don’t have to run away from shopping online, but you should make sure that you only make purchases on secure websites.

To be certain that a website is secure, look at its address. If it starts with https instead of http, the website is secure. Notably, the “s” refers to secure. Also, if you can see a padlock icon around the address bar, the site is secure.

3. Think deeply about what you want to post online

As they say, the internet never forgets. Even after you have deleted the original post, others might have made copies of it and you cannot delete these copies. So, before posting any remark, picture, etc., you should think about whether you would want others to see it or not. Ask yourself whether it could have any negative impact on you now or in the future.

4. Always switch on your privacy settings

Hackers, marketers and other individuals want to learn so much about you through your social media and browsing history. With the help of an IP location API, they can know the details of your city, country, latitude, longitude, current time, and lots more.

Fortunately, you can limit the information that they can access by using your privacy settings. Facebook and many other sites have privacy settings that can give you an extra layer of protection from harmful activities. So, if there is a site you use regularly, look for its privacy settings, and keep them on.

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