Migrate EDB to Office 365 Using Import EDB to Office 365

Migrate EDB to Office 365 Using Import EDB to Office 365

To Import EDB to Office 365, Live Exchange server, PST, EML, and MSG, I would recommend you Shoviv Migrate EDB to Office 365 tool.

Microsoft Exchange Server stores all messages such as email, contact, calendar, task, etc. submitted by the email client as .edb file. Microsoft Exchange Server works as an email and calendaring server. Now, the point had raised that why users are moving towards Exchange to Office 365. One of the main reasons for importing EDB to Office 365 is to save the infrastructure cost considering the lower budget of small-scale organizations. To know more about the reason for Exchange Database to Office 365 migration, we request you to check the complete article.

Why do we need to Import Edb to Office 365?

In recent times, most of us are using an On-premise Exchange Server, but today everyone is focusing on using a cloud-based Server. Office 365 is a cloud-based server that comes with an edge over Exchange Server in many terms. Below given are some facts that make sense for EDB to Office 365 migration.

• Reduces work load from Organization Administrator- The Office 365 is responsible to provide 24*7 assistance for its management and maintenance,which results in reducing a work burden from the Organization administrator.

• Data Security Concern- No organizations want to lose their data at any point, as data security is a top-most priority for any organization. But Office 365 assures their user about the safety of their data. Users need not worry about updates, as Office 365 will auto-update its features.

Limitation of using the manual method for Importing EDB to Office 365

• Migrating from Exchange to Office 365 through native methods requires in-depth technical knowledge. Manual migration also comes with a risk of human error.

• Importing Exchange mailboxesto Office 365 mailboxes is a time-consuming task, wherein a Professional tool helps to save our time and maintains the originality of the data.

• The manual method comes with a size restriction, as you will not be allowed to migrate large mailboxes at one time.

Better-approach towards migrating EDB to Office 365

You can use Shoviv Import EDB to Office 365, which comes in handy to migrate data. It facilities to perform migration swiftly without having the risk of data loss. Have a look at some salient features of the tool mentioned below:

• Allows multiple migration of mailboxes- The software comes in handy to import multiple EDB mailboxes to Office 365 mailboxes at one time.

• Filter Folder Item Function- User can use its feature to filter out folder items from the mailboxes at the time of migration Office 365.

• Preview Data- This tool allow to check/preview the selected EDB before migrating to the targeted environment.

• Maintain Folder Hierarchy- During the migration process, it keeps the folder hierarchy untouched without causing any damages to the original file.

• Support all Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server versions- It supports with all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server, and Outlook makes the tool stand out from the others.

• Free trial version- Tool comes with a free trial version to check its efficiency, and features. But, there will be a limit to import and save the first 50 items/folder.

• Comes with free 247 Technical Support- Besides its feature, you can also communicate with the technical team 247 to solve your queries.


Exchange Database to Office 365 is not an easy task to perform for every individual, as it requires a lot of technical expertise. To come out with difficulties while manually importing EDB to Office 365 mailboxes is to have a professional tool. So it's better to use Shoviv Import EDB to Office migration tool.

Source: https://www.shoviv.com/edb-to-office365.html

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