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Prestashop Gift Card | Gift Card Vouchers | Knowband

Selling gift cards during the holiday season is a great strategy to boost holiday sales. By selling gift cards, you not only earn more revenue but also introduce new customers to your brand and increase the brand awareness of your business. Knowband offers the PrestaShop Gift Card module which integrates an awesome gift card section to your online store and allows your customers to buy and send gift cards for their loved ones.
With the module, your customers can buy gift cards for various special occasions and holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year, Birthday, Anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. They can buy and send gift cards to their dear ones through email. The PrestaShop Gift Card Manager offers an easy to use interface which helps the store owner to manage all the gift cards and orders received through them from the admin interface.

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Key Benefits of the PrestaShop Gift Card module for your online business:

  1. With this plugin, you can easily attract new customers to your online store along with retaining the current ones.
  2. The Knowband’s PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon works as a great tool when it comes to increasing holiday sales. Incorporate the perfect gift card panel to your website with this module and increase your sales by selling holiday-themed gift cards in your store.
  3. The PrestaShop Gift module helps you to promote and advertise your business without spending extra on marketing and advertising. It helps in increasing the brand reach and brand awareness of the online business.
  4. With the Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Voucher module, you can provide a better shopping experience to your customers and the receivers of the gift cards by offering them attractive holiday-themed gift cards. It helps in satisfying and retaining them for the future.

Key highlights of the PrestaShop Gift Card Addon:

  1. The e-merchant can easily and quickly install the plugin to the website without the need for any advanced technical knowledge for it.
  2. The Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Card allows the store owner to create as many gift card templates as he wants from the back office.
  3. The customers can also add a personalized message for their dear ones with the PrestaShop Gift Card Manager while ordering gift cards.
  4. The e-merchant gets an option to add a gift card button at the header, footer, or on the left side of the website. The admin can also disable the button from any of these locations from the admin interface.
  5. The Knowband’s PrestaShop Send Gift Card addon provides an option to customize the content of the notification email from the back office. This email is sent to the sender and the receiver regarding updates on the status of their gift cards.
  6. With the PrestaShop Gift Card module, the store owner can track and check all the orders received with the gift cards on the online store. All these orders can be seen in the back office of the module.

To know more about the plugin, click on the below links:
PrestaShop Gift Card Manager addon
PrestaShop Gift Card Manager addon User Manual
Admin Demo
Front Office Demo

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Prestashop Gift Card | Gift Card Vouchers | Knowband

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The Twitter card is a facility provided by Twitter for its user to share their photos, videos, articles, blogs, and media in a more eye-catching way. The Twitter card is something that allows you to share your media beyond the limit of 280 characters, to some extent.

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Hire Dedicated Prestashop Developers USA | Hire Prestashop Programmer

A highly feature reach e-commerce platform is generally developed using the immensely feature-rich e-commerce development solution i.e. Prestashop. Prestashop is an open-source solution that is currently available in 65+countries and is used by 250000+ e-commerce platforms.

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PrestaShop Development | Skenix Infotech

PrestaShop is a free and widely used eCommerce interface essentially a Content Management System(CMS) software used to develop eCommerce shopping cart systems for small to medium-sized businesses to implement the best practices of eCommerce solution.

Get the top-quality PrestaShop development services from Skenix Infotech, Contact us to Get the best PrestaShop eCommerce website at a reasonable price:

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Why Business Cards Printing are essential for your business

No matter how technological advancement helps in communication but business card printing still worth it. Most businesses prefer to have and share business cards to develop a direct relationship with the potential market. It is an important part of the promotional and branding strategy and effectively described the brand’s nature. It gives ease in sharing the business-related information in the public like at conference, workshops and other.

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Moreover, a quality visiting card printing online provides the impression of products or services. According to the random research, it is stated that most of the customers draw the conclusion about the business and its products from the card quality or its printing. So, a smart business card with the right size and content is essential for the business.

Here are the factors that will help to understand the importance of the business card in the brand promotion or more:

Provide Contact Details:

One of the main reasons behind business card printing is the contact sharing features. The card contains contact details, name, logo, and other related information that helps the client to reach the business. Further, it helps to describe the brand or product nature before approaching the product or services. Other than the technology usage or sharing of the information through devices, business cards are most suitable and a handy item that worth a lot for the customers.

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The impression of the Brand:

The business card is a source that will deliver the first impression of the brand or business towards the potential buyers. It is something handy with the physical touch that develops a direct relationship with the potential market. While going to print business cards that quality, printing style, and overall outlook matters a lot. Because it works as the first impression of the business and its product or services for the potential market. So, the worthy card made with durable material and have an attractive color combination or layout can capture the interest easily.

It contains the company logo, name, design, and color combination that quickly attain the interest of the audience. On other hand, it is an important factor to pay attention to while making the designing and printing decision about the business card.

Direct Marketing Facility:

No doubt there are multiple marketing and promotional tools are available for the product or business promotion. But engraved business cards online is something incredible and handy that provide the physical touch experience. It works as the marketing or promotional element that helps in sharing the details directly to the potential market. With the more physical interaction that the business cards offer to the buyers and business.

The important thing that has to be considered in making the custom business cards, related to the content adjustment, design, and color combination. It helps to capture the buyer’s interest and deliver the right impression towards them.

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Appreciated in Different Cultures:

The business cards preferably deliver the right knowledge and impression about the product or services. It described the brand position, nature of the products or services, and other relevant skills. In most cultures, it is appreciated to have and share physical business cards as an information-sharing tool. In face-to-face interaction, develops a network and promotes sharing the business information in a circle.

Ease to Provide a Business Reference:

In business cards, online people find multiple opportunities in designing and Printing Services with a significant impression. It helps to make an easy referral related to particular services and a person with a skill set. The business car not only contains the address, contact information, or brand-related knowledge. It provides details about the particular person and reflects the skill set. Multiple factors truly help to describe the right impression of the brand through color, text, and images.

A tool to Develop Trust:

For business growth and development, it is important to gain the trust level of the customers. With the custom business cards, it is easier to attain the trust of the customers. in the competitive business atmosphere for a business survival trust is the only key, that can be over the product or on a company as well. Through the business card, it is easier to exchange and share personal warmth feelings.

With Business Cards Printing, it is easier to show more graphical representation through colors and design. Moreover, with the physical touch, it is easier to give trust feelings or more.

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Final Consideration!

In the competitive business world, the business card is a source to deliver information and capture the interest of potential buyers. It helps to impress the audience and provide relevant product details and skills that build trust or act as the direct promotional tool.

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Top 10 Card Game App and Software Development Companies

Card game app development companies have come with the new revolution that is multiplayer gaming where the game can be played with multiple users in a team. Let’s have a look at the list of Top 10 Card game app and software development companies which have expertise in developing responsive and bug free card game applications.

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