How to Replace an Item in a Javascript Array

How to Replace an Item in a Javascript Array

In this article, we explore two approaches of replacing items in an array, using the mutable Array.splice() or using the immutable Array.slice() + spreading

Array operations are very common when coding in Javascript, and since the introduction of es6 and going forward, we have multiple ways of achieving the required results. So how do we replace an item in Array with Javascript?

We can use two approaches, the mutable, Array.splice() approach, or the immutable, Array.splice() with the spread operator approach. Choosing between the two approaches depends on the context and the environment you’re working in.

Replace an Item in an Array using Array.splice()

The first approach is quite simple, we just mutate the same array. The Array.splice() method is used to extract items from an array, but also it supports the option of replacing the extracted items with new ones:


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