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Start your Preparation for SAS A00-250 and become SAS Certified Platform Administrator for SAS 9 certified with Here you get online practice tests prepared and approved by SAS certified experts based on their own certification exam experience. Here, you also get the detailed and regularly updated syllabus for SAS A00-250.
SAS A00-250 practice tests provided by the is just one of the promising techniques of preparation for the A00-250 exam. This SAS Certified Platform Administrator for SAS 9 practice tests are composed by a team of experienced professionals. Upgraded SAS Platform Admin practice questions will give you the useful experience of learning for the SAS A00-250 exam. You can gain the SAS Certified Platform Administrator certification on the first go with the help of the A00-250 practice questions.
If you are planning to prepare for A00-250 exam, but not sure how hard the exam is and you want to try out a sample test, you can take our A00-250 practice test. To help you assess your readiness, we’ve developed a set of SAS A00-250 sample questions and assembled them into a free online test exam.
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Effective and dynamic self-preparation is very important for your success in your SAS Platform Admin certification exam. You therefore need to explore all options of preparation that are available to you. After studying all the resource materials, you still need to go through different practice tests to evaluate your knowledge base and skill set.

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Will SAS Language Continue To Hold Ground In Data Science?

Technology has a shelf life of a banana’: these are the famous words by Scott McNealy, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems. This is specifically true for SAS programming language, which has been an important software for data scientists around the world for quite some time now. However, with new inventions, many believe that SAS seems to be trailing behind. How true this is and what lies ahead for the future of SAS language in data science?

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Shanu Khan

Shanu Khan


SAS Training Can Help You Clear The Demanding SAS Certification Exam Conveniently!

SAS (previously Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite developed by the SAS Institute meant for advanced data analysis, data management, multivariate evaluation, commercial enterprise intelligence, and predictive analytics. the SAS Training In Gurgaon certifications, both base and superior, are rather valued in the enterprise and revel in worldwide popularity.

Those certifications prove simply beneficial for the records experts and the scholars who want to make a career on this discipline. however, passing the SAS certification exam isn’t always a cake walk; it requires patient attempt for a sizable time frame. having stated that, this exam can be cleared easily following the proper method and practice. This is where SAS online training come into the picture.

The SAS online training courses are designed to provide the beginners with the best learning resources online, so as to make their learning an enjoyable journey, rather than a stressful experience. Such training, if pursued from a good organization, can open the door for many career opportunities. The SAS training online courses prepare you for the SAS certification exam using modern learning methods and strategies. Thus, the working professionals and full-time students can take advantage of this training, as they can learn at their own time, place, and pace through the online SAS training. They can achieve more in less time through this training and realize their career aspirations.
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Today’s organizations are under great pressure to continuously organize and analyze the business data in order to understand customer performance and to draw meaningful conclusions for effective policy making in business. That’s why the demand for knowledgeable and qualified data analytics professionals is rising in the industry. According to the industry experts, this demand will continue to increase in the times ahead, owing to the increasing dependence of global organizations on data analysis. Thus, the current time is the most favorable time to learn data sciences and data analytics through professional courses such as Big Data Hadoop and SAS Certifications.

The SAS Institute propelled its Certified Professional Program in the year 1999 in association with its authorized training partners spread across the sphere. Since then, the institute has presented professional certifications in various data domains to multi-thousands of candidates.

The reason for such great popularity of the SAS qualification is that it strengthens your professional profile and leads to better job chances or promotions, as the case may be. Employers, these days, virtually invariably prefer the certified candidates because such candidates tend to perform well on job with minimal training requirement. Thus, a certification comparable a professional SAS Certification Training In Noida can surely provide you with a competitive advantage over the non-certified candidates.

BismilSoft Virtual Academy is a trustworthy online training organization that offers professional training and certification courses in various domains. The SAS online training courses offered by BismilSoft have enabled many candidates in successfully clearing the SAS Certification Exam.

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SAS Training in Chennai | Best SAS Course in Chennai

SAS is known as the integrated software suite for advanced analytics, data management, business intelligence and predictive analytics. Through SAS Programming language, and graphical interface, we can use SAS. Are you looking for SAS Training in Chennai? Walk into FITA, FITA is one of the best leading institutions for SAS Course in Chennai and SAS Training Institute in Chennai.

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What is Stand Share (SAS) | What is Stand Cash (SAS) | What is SAS token


A new decentralized algorithmic stablecoin with a reserve asset mechanism.

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We are proud to introduce to you the new decentralized algorithmic protocol, Stand Cash.

Stand Cash is an open-source, permisionless, highly- scalable, decentralized, algorithmic protocol built on Ethereum. The protocol will be one of the first to employ The Reserve Asset mechanism to stabilize a stablecoin.

Some of the hallmarks of this revolutionary protocol are:

  • Two Tokens- The protocol comprises two tokens, SAC, which is the stablecoin that is pegged at 1USD, and SAS, which is the non- stable governance token that will accrue fees, seigniorage revenue, and excess reserve value.
  • The Reserve Asset Mechanism- Whilst there are numerous stablecoins, stabilization through the Reserve Asset Mechanism is still novel, and this is at the heart of what we are building. It is a simple model that works thus: If SAC is trading above 1USD, it uses 10% of the rebase to purchase Eth, which it keeps in the treasury. Conversely, if SAC is trading under 1USD, it supports the price using the treasury fund.
  • Decentralized and Governance-minimized- The community is completely responsible for governance, as the protocol employs a highly autonomous, algorithmic model that is devoid of active management. Tokens are not pre-allocated to any member of the team or external investor, rather, they are used to incentivize members of the community that perform valuable actions on the protocol. Token distribution is fair and transparent, and has been designed in such a way that ensures the long-term success of the protocol.
  • Fully on-chain oracles- Use of Uniswap (USDT, USDC time-average prices)
  • Swap-based monetary policy- Use of automated market makers like Uniswap to create swap-based price discovery and real-time stabilization incentives through arbitrage.

Stand Cash Minting Overview

No token is pre-minted and the minting will be completely through the community in a fairest manner.

At the genesis, Stand Cash will be supporting five (5) assets for minting. The Stand Cash will focus on distributing SAC to those who deposit DAI, USDT, USDC, BAC and ESD to the token contract. There will be a total of 50,000 Stand Cash tokens that will be distributed to depositors, with 10,000 SAC tokens distributed per day. The token distribution to every pool will be equal, which will maintain the amount of stablecoin deposits limited to 20,000 tokens for each pool.

Subsequently, Stand Shares (SAS) is distributed to those that provide liquidity to the Stand Cash(SAC)-USDT Uniswap v2 pair, the users will be able to deposit LP tokens to the distribution contract and earn Stand Shares. The SAS pool 1 will distribute 600,000 Stand Shares, starting with 5,000 Stand Shares and decreases 80% after every 30 days.

The SAS pool 2 will distribute a total of 230,000 Stand Share over the course of 1 year. The protocol distributes 630 Stand Shares per day

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Stand Cash allows anyone to provide liquidity and earn Stand Cash Share (SAS) as reward.

There will be two (2) pools (SAC - USDT & SAS – USDT), anyone who choose to provide liquidity can lock their LP tokens for any period they choose. LP stakes are multiplied by two boost factors: time locked & rebase. The rebase boost applies to the base emission rate of SAS, so an increase in the rebase boost means more SAS distributed across the whole system. The time locked boost applies to an individual’s stake as a proportion of all of the stakes in the pool, making it a zero-sum outcome when someone gets a boost from time locked stake. However, a time locked boost will increase the amount of SAS a single user gets by increasing their proportion of the pool which decreases the proportion of rewards for everyone else in the pool.

The idea is to help to balance the risk/reward of locking liquidity into the system for a fixed amount of time. Time locked staking is intended to further reward LPs who have a long term belief in the SAS Protocol and want to commit to providing liquidity for a long period of time. If any pool emission rate is changed due to a governance action, the time locked stakes of the pool will automatically unlocked so that emission rates don’t change on LPs who have committed to locking funds in the pool.

It’s time to join the revolutionary protocol which uses reserve asset mechanism to stabilize its stablecoin.


Stand Cash protocol uses reserve asset mechanism to stabilize its stablecoin at $1. The stand Cash stablecoin helps to reduce risk exposures of volatile assets.

The protocol employs a highly autonomous, algorithmic model that is devoid of active management which makes it a completely community governance protocol. The protocol maintains two token model. SAC is the stablecoin, and SAS is non-stable, value-accrual token in the protocol. SAS is meant to be volatile and an investment asset, unlike the SAC stablecoin, which remains at $1.

Tokens are not pre-allocated to any member of the team or external investor, rather, they are used to incentivize members of the community that perform valuable actions on the protocol. The token minted with from protocol can be imported into other DeFi projects to serve their own financial purposes.

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Python vs R vs SAS | R, Python and SAS Comparison | Learn R, Python and SAS? | Intellipaat

🔥🔥🔥This R, Python and SAS Comparison video you will learn the difference between Python vs R vs SAS and whether you should learn r, python and sas for data science? This video also provides you with a short and crisp introduction to top three languages used in the IT industry: R, Python and sas. Some important parameters have been taken into consideration to give you R, Python and sas comparison so that you understand how these languages differ from each other and also learn why one is preferred over the other in certain aspects.

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