Projection Queries: A Way to Optimize Data Traffic

Projection Queries: A Way to Optimize Data Traffic

Projection Queries: A Way to Optimize Data Traffic. What's so special about it? Why is it used by so many professionals? Read this article to the end and you will understand.

JPA provides several solutions for projection queries and DTO mapping. It is up to us to choose the most appropriate solution for each of our use cases.

In our modern, highly concurrent world, enterprise application developers have to deal with new challenges like huge data volumes, diversity of clients, and permanently changing business requirements. Now, it is a usual case when a microservice application has to serve various clients, and some of them are other microservices. These factors imply higher requirements for controlling data traffic. We cannot afford to send any excessive data and we need to respond to each request with data well-tailored for this particular client.

One option of customizing data traffic is the usage of projection queries; that is, queries that return a projection of domain objects. Almost all enterprise applications use some kind of ORM technology, and JPA is a standard way for its implementation. So, let's see how we can implement projection queries based on JPA 2.2 specification.

Suppose we are to implement a collection management online application. The domain system is the following.

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