Python String rsplit() Method Example

Python String rsplit() Method Example

Python string rsplit() is a method that is used to split a string on the basis of a separator from the right side. It separates the string and returns list.

Python string rsplit() is an inbuilt method that is used to split a string on the basis of a separator from the right side. The rsplit() method returns a list after dividing the string based on the delimiter(separator). Giving separator as an argument is optional if we don’t provide any separator whitespace is taken as a separator by default.

Python String rsplit()

Python rsplit() method separates the string and returns a list. It splits from the right using separator as a delimiter. If the separator is not specified, any whitespace string is a separator.

str.rsplit(separator, max)

Here str is the string variable that holds the main string on which we will use the rsplit() method.

python rsplit python string rsplit

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