Node js Algolia Search Tutorial

Node js Algolia Search Tutorial

Node js Algolia Search Tutorial. We use npm package to install algolia search. We create the index and then upload the data to the algolia. It indexes all.

Node js Algolia Search Tutorial is today‚Äôs leading topic. For this example, we do not use express.js . Just see an overview of how we can integrate algolia search and index the data. Also, we fetch the data and display inside the node.js console based on the query. We start this example by installing npm package and then create an account in algolia and then grab the api keys. After that, we programmatically index the data into the database and then query that data. Display that data in the node.js console. In a real-time application, we send an ajax request containing our query and then in response, we get an array of data and loop through in frontend and display the data. Let us start** Node js Algolia Search Tutorial**  with an example.

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