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Django Architecture: Working System of MVT Framework Explained


The Django is one of the easiest and efficient web application frameworks that is written in the Python language. This framework is free and open-source and hence majorly replaced the use of PHP, servlets, etc. to develop the backend of any website. It was developed by Django Software Foundation on 15th July 2005.

Django provides an unbeatable advantage of the ease of creation of databases for the developers working on complex web development frameworks. On top of this, Django provides one of the fastest data flows and also makes sure that security is not compromised.

Django’s architecture primarily follows the MVT framework, as explained below.

  • M: Model
  • V: View
  • T: Template

MVT can be seen as an alternative of the MVC framework which consists of a Model, View, and Controller. The major contrast between MVT and MVC is that the Django architecture takes care of the responsibilities handled by the MVC architecture’s controller part. Django utilises its templates to perform all the controller associated tasks.In simpler words, the template contains contents that are an amalgam of Django Template Language (also known as DTL) and HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language ).

The Template, as introduced above, is responsible for all the UI related actions and customisations along with the architecture related activities of an application. Underlying the template, we have “View”. The view takes command of the logical processing and decision making activities of the application and also communicates with the “Model” to fetch the respective data points and accordingly change the template as per requirement.

As discussed above, Django itself acts as a controller that fetches a URL that is connected to the view part of the application and eventually sends the respective user responses to the application. This is the overall interaction that happens within the Django MVT architecture.

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Django Architecture: Working System of MVT Framework Explained