How Evrone developed an Uber-like, luxury transportation platform

How Evrone developed an Uber-like, luxury transportation platform

Just in three months, Evrone developed a full-fledged Uber-like service with a back office on Ruby on Rails for a luxury car rental app. Read an article to find out how to build the backend for an Uber service!

Since 2003, 1st Business Services has offered luxury car services, with English-speaking chauffeurs, for businesses and private customers. The company specializes in business and private trips, providing transportation for crew members of aircrafts, guided tours, conferences, sporting and social events, and VIP service.

At the end of 2015, 1st Business Services approached Evrone with a proposal to develop a transportation service for a business class clientele. We were excited for the opportunity to develop an exclusive, luxury, Uber-like system. Read how we developed a full-fledged service with a back office just in three months.

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