Spring Boot and GraphQL | DevGlan

Spring Boot and GraphQL | DevGlan

We will implement GraphQL in Java and integrate it with a real-time Spring boot project from scratch. The project will be a maven based project having spring data integrated to communicate with MySQL database.

GraphQL is a specification to fetch data from the server to the client over an HTTP call. The specification describes how to ask for data and rather than asking the whole bunch of data at once, it specifies to ask only the required data that would be meaningful to a client. It is just an alternative to REST in some way. For example, we have a GET employee REST API that returns the details of an employee. There could be 50 different fields associated with an employee such as name, DOB, address, level, salary, age, etc but sending all these fields in the response of a REST call does not make sense and it could be difficult to determine what are the fields that should be actually sent in the response and tomorrow the requirement might change and we might require to add some more fields - continue reading

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