Make your React/Rails App Come Alive with Heroku

Make your React/Rails App Come Alive with Heroku

Make your React/Rails App Come Alive with Heroku. You should use the PostgreSQL database in your Rails backend; The frontend and backend of the app should have their own git repositories; Use Yarn as your Node.js package manager.

It has been a long year and I’ve learned a lot in the Flatiron Bootcamp. My last project was an application with React frontend and Rails Backend. Once I passed my final assessment, I only had one question for my instructor — “How do I bring it to life?” He suggested using Heroku, so I figured it would be an interesting topic to cover in my blog.

There are 3 prerequisites:

  1. You should use the PostgreSQL database in your Rails backend.
  2. The frontend and backend of the app should have their own git repositories.
  3. Use Yarn as your Node.js package manager.

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