The InfoQ eMag: Kubernetes and Cloud Architectures

The InfoQ eMag: Kubernetes and Cloud Architectures

The InfoQ eMag: Kubernetes and Cloud Architectures. The InfoQ eMag are professionally designed, Cloud Native and Kubernetes of popular InfoQ content - architecture, interviews, presentations, and research.

Does it feel to you like the modern application stack is constantly shifting with new technologies and practices emerging at a blistering pace? It does to me. Every week I seem to come across a new web framework, open-sourcedata integration framework, or architectural anti-pattern that used to be a best practice. But then I stop, take a breath, and see some underlying stability.

The fundamentals for the next decade are in place. The public cloud is here to stay. You'll continue to use private infrastructure while counting on software-as-a-service and cloud-based managed services more and more. Kubernetes is mainstream. It's not for everyone, but it will be everywhere. As will higher-level application platforms that keep the focus on the software itself. It's still early days on service mesh technologies, but the indicators are there that this will also be part of the common substrate that our apps depend on. 

It also appears that many good practices are cemented in software teams around the world. There's little disagreement that the core ideas behind DevOps—continuously delivering small batches of customer-driven value—are important. And the field of software testing has broadened as teams go beyond unit testing to also look at resilience testing. Microservices can be a good or bad thing depending on how you apply them, but most people agree that distributed systems are generally better for scale, resilience, and release velocity. We're also settling into good security practices, ranging from zero-trust to secure software supply chains.

We've hand-picked a set of articles that highlight where we're at today. With a focus on cloud-native architectures and Kubernetes, these contributors paint a picture of what's here now, and what's on the horizon.

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