New Features in Python 3.9

New Features in Python 3.9

New Features in Python 3.9. Python makes it easy to manipulate common data types, and Python 3.9 extends this ease with new features for strings and dictionaries.

Python is a programming language that has increased in popularity because it is easy to read and write; due to this is that each new version seeks ways to improve some of the complexities of how to perform certain operations to make our lives a little easier.

On October 5th was released the stable version of Python 3.9, which brings with it different features, some of which I will introduce below. I also invite you to install it and try it by yourself.


This installation is performed on Linux to install on another operating system check the Python page.

## 1\. Download the python version from the official page into the selected directory.
    cd /usr/src

    #2\. Once downloaded, you have to extract its content
    sudo tar xzf Python-3.9.0.tgz

    ## 3\. Perform the compilation with the following commands.
    cd Python-3.9.0
    sudo ./configure --enable-optimizations
    sudo make altinstall

    ## 4\. Check that the installation is working.
    python3.9 --version

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