3 Image Classification Projects for Beginners

3 Image Classification Projects for Beginners

In this post, we'll learn 3 Image Classification Projects for Beginners.

A couple of months ago I trained my first image-classification deep neural network. Up until then, I had worked with and around data scientists and AI researchers for several years without ever taking the plunge myself and learning how it all worked. Having recently taken on some machine vision projects, I finally had the push I needed to crack open some Tensorflow and PyTorch tutorials. I am proud to say I’ve mastered the basics of training image classification models and would love to share some interesting and accessible projects to help get others started!

What is Image Classification?

Image classification is the process of a computer accurately predicting the class an image falls under. It will calculate the probability of an image being part of a particular class, such as ‘cat’ or ‘dog’, returning the most likely class as a prediction.

Today, image classification is used in facial-recognition software, medical imaging, and machine vision applications around the world.

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