Top 10 websites developed with PHP

Top 10 websites developed with PHP

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PHP is an open-source language created for the development of powerful web applications. PHP is more popular nowadays and version 7 introduces revolutionary features in the market. Here is the list of top websites developed with PHP.


Social networking platform helps to share video, images, and ideas. It is listed among top 50 websites in the world. PHP provides rich features and functionalities. Android and iOS applications are the features of Tumblr.


A photo-sharing platform developed using PHP. It also allows you to send and receive text messages from friends and colleagues. Customers have different privacy options. Learn more about PHP through PHP Training in Chennai, expert support is helpful for all.


Famous CMS powers at least 40% of the websites existing on the internet. It includes image uploads, checking options, processing the form fields, and many more. Theme Customization, Multiple Page Styles, Social Sharing Features, Plenty of widgets are some of the features of WordPress.


A widely known search engine was launched in 1995. This website counts almost 9 billion views per month. It is a reliable programming language which helps to develop large and complex websites. High-end UI, optimum security, etc are Yahoo features. Enroll PHP Training in Bangalore and build your very first website with wonderful features.


Mailchimp is compatible with various platforms and devices. An email marketing tool simplifies the process of creating campaigns or newsletters for businesses. Comparative Data Report, Email Designer, Advanced Segmentation, Product Recommendations are the features of Mailchimp.


World social network was developed using PHP. It allows developers to update the existing codes. Investors make the error-fixing process easier. Mood faces, Smartphone Integration, IPv6, Credits, Listen with friends are some of the features of Facebook.


Search is incomplete without using Wikipedia. Everyone contributes to Wikipedia, it also gives you unlimited information and unlimited topics. Userspace, HTML DocType are some of the features of Wikipedia. Enrich your skills in this field by attending PHP Online course. 8+ years of experienced professionals make you more comfortable in this field. Use this opportunity and learn everything in a short period.


This search engine is getting improved constantly. The major feature of Baidu is searching the information in the toolbar to find videos, images, and online advertising.


PHP provides Digg with all necessary features. This website helps to share important news easily. Digg is very popular among internet users. Join a PHP course in Chennai, learn everything and build your web.


Businessmen, bloggers, and students use this platform worldwide.

Learn more and achieve more in the PHP domain. Here I have listed the top 10 websites developed with PHP. Follow my profile regularly for more technology updates.

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