An Introduction To Web Monetization API

An Introduction To Web Monetization API

A content drop about how to receive payments, where to use, and what is the Web Monetization API 💰

🧑‍🔬 The How

Sign up to and verify yourself

  • Find the Interledger Payment Pointer in the Transact panel
  • And pick a currency target. It could be USD, BTC, etc

The Web Monetization API needs a Payment Pointer to address micropayments for you.

🏗 The Where

You could use your previous created Uphold's Payment Pointer on your website using this declaration:

Also, dozens of services offer support:

Even YouTube, when connected in a creator account on Coil.

💰 The Web Monetization API

The Web Monetization API is a W3C Standard that uses a neutral payment protocol called Interledger (ILP) for transferring money for anyone by anyone.

The proposal help web creators avoid systems that slow down the web and creates annoying UX

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