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IAM Policies Introduction

Learn how IAM Policies work in-depth! Master Policy inheritance & structure!
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I’m Stephane Maarek, a consultant and software developer, and I have a particular interest in everything related to Big Data, Cloud, and API. I sat on the 2019 Program Committee organizing the Kafka Summit. I’m also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator, and DevOps Engineer.

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IAM Policies Introduction

Improving Kubernetes Security with Open Policy Agent (OPA)

Many multinational organizations now run their applications on microservice architecture inside their cloud environments, and (many) administrators are responsible for defining multiple policies on those environments. These giant IT organizations have extensive infrastructure systems and their systems have their own policy modules or their own built-in authorization systems. This is an excellent solution to a policy issue at enterprise scale (especially if you have the investment and resources to ensure best practice implementation), but such an overall ecosystem can be fragmented, which means if you want to improve control and visibility over who can do what across the stack, you would face a lot of complexity.

Why We Need OPA

Doing a lot of policy enforcement manually is the problem of the past. This does not work in today’s modern environments where everything is very dynamic and ephemeral, where the technology stack is very heterogeneous, where every development team could use a different language. So, the question is, how do you gain granular control over manual policies to automate and streamline their implementation? And the answer is with Open Policy Agent (OPA).

OPA provides technology that helps unify policy enforcement across a wide range of software and enable or empower administrators with more control over their systems. These policies are incredibly helpful in maintaining security, compliance, standardization across environments where we need to define and enforce such policies in a declarative way.

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Fredy  Larson

Fredy Larson


Identity Federation in AWS with Okta

Identity and access management is one of the key components of good cloud security, which is why Amazon Web Services’ seamless integration of its IAM tool with the rest of the Amazon ecosystem becomes one of its strong suits. Developers and administrators can manage user roles and access on a granular level across the entire ecosystem without jumping through hoops, and that is a big plus.

Okta is a service that understands that very well. As an identity solution, Okta doesn’t just unify identity management for all your team members and customers; it also allows for easy integration with IAM. Okta also comes with a handful of features that make managing identities a breeze. Identity federation in AWS with Okta is a fantastic way to unified identity management.

A Closer Look

Okta’s integration with AWS IAM is based on single sign-on with SAML, which makes the whole process easy to navigate and manage. Basically, you have the ability to download roles from IAM and then assign them to users already on Okta. This gives administrators the flexibility they need without adding complexity to user management.

It doesn’t stop there either. Okta allows multiple roles to be assigned to a single user. On top of that, users can be assigned roles for a certain period of time, after which the role is lifted, and the user is denied access to the allocated AWS services and features.

There is no limit to the number of roles and users to connect with each other. In fact, Okta users can also benefit from connection to multiple AWS accounts, so roles from different cloud accounts can be managed by the same team members without requiring manual user generation on AWS IAM directly. As long as roles are configured, the rest is easy.

There is one added benefit to enjoy from integrating Okta with AWS IAM, and that is the flexibility that users can have upon logging in. When users log in to AWS, they will be presented with all the roles that are assigned to their user ID, giving them the option to log in as any roles as they see fit and allowing them to get the permissions they need at the right time.

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Custom IAM role & Policy | AWS IAM Tutorial | AWS identity and access management (iam)

So In this video tutorial, I will show you guys iam role and policy , step by step how to create custom iam role and policy , How to manage aws iam services

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Mikel  Okuneva

Mikel Okuneva


Google Updates Ad Policies to Counter Influence Campaigns, Extortion

Google is making two changes in its advertising policy as the U.S. moves into the fall election season ahead of the presidential contest in November, in an attempt to thwart disinformation campaigns.

For one, Google is updating its Google Ads Misrepresentation Policy to prevent coordinated activity around politics, social issues or “matters of public concern,” by requiring advertisers to provide transparency about who they are. As of Sept. 1, this will mean big penalties for “concealing or misrepresenting your identity or other material details about yourself,” the internet giant said in a recent post, adding that violations will be considered “egregious.”

“If we find violations of this policy, we will suspend your Google Ads accounts upon detection and without prior warning, and you will not be allowed to advertise with us again,” according to the announcement.

Coordinated activity (i.e. the use of ads in cooperation with other sites or accounts to create viral content and an artificial echo chamber) has been seen as a hallmark of disinformation and fake-news influence campaigns. Social media platforms have cracked down on fake accounts ever since such operations were discovered to be widespread during the 2016 presidential election.

For instance, in June, Twitter took down three separate nation-sponsored influence operations, attributed to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Russia and Turkey. Collectively the operations consisted of 32,242 bogus or bot accounts generating fake content, and the various amplifier accounts that retweeted it.

Advertising however hasn’t been in the content-policing crosshairs in the same way as content accounts on social media platforms – something that Google is now correcting.

“The changes Google is implementing around misrepresentation are timely as we come up to an election period,” Brandon Hoffman, CISO at Netenrich, told Threatpost. “Certainly nobody can deny the power of the advertising machine for getting an agenda out there. The manipulation that can be achieved with such advertising systems can be considered tantamount to a cybersecurity issue. Putting policy measures in place and making them known well in advance is a positive gesture in the attempt to stem the tide of misinformation that is almost certain to come our way over the coming months.”

He added a caveat, however: “Unfortunately policy and the enforcement of policy is subject to the effectiveness to the controls put in place to identify the abuse. This draws a parallel to other cyber security issues we see where controls are constantly are being updated and enhanced yet the volume of security issues remains unabated.”

The second change, also taking effect September 1, involves the launch of the Google Ads Hacked Political Materials Policy. The aim with the launch is to prevent hacked materials from circulating, by preventing the marketing of them – specifically within the context of politics. This can make politically motivated extortion or influence attempts less effective.

“Ads that directly facilitate or advertise access to hacked material related to political entities within scope of Google’s elections ads policies [are not allowed],” according to Google. “This applies to all protected material that was obtained through the unauthorized intrusion or access of a computer, computer network, or personal electronic device, even if distributed by a third party.”

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Cayla  Erdman

Cayla Erdman


Introduction to Structured Query Language SQL pdf

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is a scripting language expected to store, control, and inquiry information put away in social databases. The main manifestation of SQL showed up in 1974, when a gathering in IBM built up the principal model of a social database. The primary business social database was discharged by Relational Software later turning out to be Oracle.

Models for SQL exist. In any case, the SQL that can be utilized on every last one of the major RDBMS today is in various flavors. This is because of two reasons:

1. The SQL order standard is genuinely intricate, and it isn’t handy to actualize the whole standard.

2. Every database seller needs an approach to separate its item from others.

Right now, contrasts are noted where fitting.

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