Migrating SQL Server graph databases to Neo4j

Migrating SQL Server graph databases to Neo4j

In this article, we first explained some reasons to migrate graph databases from SQL Server into Neo4j. Then we provided a step-by-step guide to migrate Nodes and edges using C#. The code provided may or may not be optimal. I published it on GitHub, so feel free to use it or improve it.

Migrating SQL Server graphs to Neo4j

Even if I prefer using SSIS for data transfer operations, Neo4j doesn’t have any official or stable (free) SSIS component. While searching, I found a third-party component that is [still in the beta version].

Another approach for migrating SQL Server graphs to Neo4j is to export data into flat files and then [import them into Neo4j].

The third approach is to develop a small application using C## to migrate Nodes and Edges created in SQL Server to a Neo4j database. This approach is explained in detail in this section.

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