How To Create A Slick iOS Widget In JavaScript

How To Create A Slick iOS Widget In JavaScript

With a Scriptable app, it’s possible to create a native iOS widget even with basic JavaScript knowledge.

It’s not a long time ago when creating an iOS app or widget was solely available only for Objective-C or Swift developers with a solid Apple dev background (and of course, macOS device for development). These days, with a Scriptable app, it’s possible to create a native iOS widget even with basic JavaScript knowledge.

In this short tutorial, we’ll create an iOS home screen widget that will display scraped content directly on our iOS device home screen. For example purpose, we’ll scrape losers page, we’ll get ticker symbol, name, and daily percentage change. Our script will also serialize these pieces of data into a JSON data source. This JSON file will be updated and published every hour by GitHub Actions. In the end, we use the Scriptable app for getting this JSON data and transform them into an iOS widget.

Of course, we could scrape URL directly using just JavaScript in our Scriptable script, however, we don’t need this data in real-time and I believe python and its packages are more suitable for this kind of task.

Scriptable what?

Scriptable is an app for iOS devices. In a nutshell, it allows you to write JavaScript code that will be under the hood translated into native iOS code. It provides you with a variety of nice APIs for creating an iOS widget user interface, networking, notifications, and many more. For skilled iOS developers, this might sound like magic (or it might remind you React Native, Cordova, or even PhoneGap). If you are wondering how it works under the hood I’d recommend this great podcast with the creator of Scriptable, Simon B. Støvring.

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