Why is Angular one of the Best Frameworks for Web development?

Why is Angular one of the Best Frameworks for Web development?

Angular - Explained in Detail

Angular - Explained in Detail

Creating a website in itself gives a great feeling, and it just gets better when you’re doing it using Angular. Surveys have revealed that the number of skilled Angular developers is much less than the number of jobs available. The best way to invade you a good job with a very handsome salary in this world is to get an Angular certification. This proves that if you’re someone looking forward to growing your career in this domain, then it is definitely a golden time for you.

What is Web Development?

Web development means the development or building of applications or websites. Professionals who build web applications are known as web developers. These professionals use different methodologies, such as Agile, to build websites. The applications that were built earlier followed the traditional Web applications model. Now, web applications are often single-page applications that are compatible both with desktops and mobiles.

So what exactly is a Traditional Web application?

If you remember, in the olden days, whenever you would request a Web page from a browser, the page would reload for every request. These are nothing but traditional Web applications. This model's main problem was the page rendering process, which would happen for every request. This was very much time-consuming and eventually disrupted the user experience. To overcome these issues, a single-page application model was introduced in late 2002. The single-page model resolved this frequently loading issue of Web pages, making it much responsive and saving time.

So what exactly is a Single Page Application?

In a single-page application model, the website has dynamic interaction with the user. It revises the current page rather than reloading the page completely. This leads to an uninterrupted user experience. Single-page applications will either load all the necessary code like HTML, CSS or JavaScript, or just the appropriate resources are loaded and then added to the page if required. Neither is the page reloaded fully nor will the control be shifted to any other page. Many frameworks allow you to create single-page applications. Some of them are Angular, React, Vue, Knockout, etc. However, the most widely used framework is angular. Angular is actually the successor of Angular JS.

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