What is Kebab Finance (KEBAB) | What is Kebab Finance token | What is KEBAB token

What is Kebab Finance (KEBAB) | What is Kebab Finance token | What is KEBAB token

Kebab Finance (KEBAB) - A Highly superrior algorithmic yieldfarm for Binance Smart Chain only. In this post, we'll discuss What is Kebab Finance (KEBAB) | What is Kebab Finance token | What is KEBAB token

Thank you everyone so far, for your exploding interest in the project Kebab Finance. It’s been a crazy week for us as well. This is going to be the first weekly digest of Kebab Finance and let's start with what we did so far and accomplished in a week.

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  • We managed to reach *5.3 Million Dollars *worth of liquidities in the vault thanks to everyone's support.

  • We reached over 1 million $ worth daily trading volume.


  • Improved user interface, fixed minor glitches

  • and managed to build up a community thanks to everyone's support.

  • Kebab Finance became one of the top APPs in the Binance Smart chain

What will happen in the next few days?

First of all, I would like to remind everyone that it's only been a week since Kebab Finance borned of course it's not an excuse to slack, You can be sure that we will be as swift as possible to deliver what our community requested from us.

Timelock Feature — This has been the hot topic in the following days we will add timelock and this is the number 1 priority right now.

Burning Mechanism — We already started working on a burning mechanism that will make the economy more sustainable and balanced. Future information coming on that matter in the following days.

Improved Dashboard — We will release a dashboard that will make the user experience much more smooth and this dashboard will enable them to see their staked parity and the fees.

New Pairs — We will add new pairs frequently

IFO’s — Initial farm offerings are something we really want to do in short term, we are still in the phase of designing it might be tied to the initial burn mechanism or we can use some other different method but in the end, we want to add new farming pairs for decent projects and introduce them to our userbase.

To sum up all the craziness this week, You can expect to see the features listed above in the very short term. I would like to thank again the Kebab lovers for the intense support.

Looking for more information...

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