The peculiar case of HTML Injection

The peculiar case of HTML Injection

This is a Writeup for an unusual HTML Injection bug I found on a private bug bounty program.

This is a Writeup for an unusual HTML Injection bug I found on a private bug bounty program.

HTML Injection and XSS: Differences and Similarities

HTML Injection lies under the class of injection Attacks, which means that a malicious HTML input is trusted by the website and displayed to the innocent user.

Similar to XSS there are stored, reflected, and self HTML injection. HTML Injection Vulnerability is not as Critical as XSS(Cross-Site Scripting) but can be chained with other vulnerabilities to create critical impact.

The obvious difference between XSS and HTML Injection is that in the case of XSS one can inject functioning javascript onto a website which enables the attacker to virtually performing any task a real user can do, Whereas Injecting only the HTML on its own can mostly deface the website, but if this is chained with vulnerabilities such as CSRF(Cross-Site Request Forgery), then the Criticality of the attack increases because of the user-dependency for the attack to succeed decreases.

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