Optimize Your Speaker Positioning - Acoustics Masterclass

Optimize Your Speaker Positioning - Acoustics Masterclass

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Description Invaluable information that can make your listening experience so much better...

Welcome to Acoustics. This course is designed to provide an understanding of monitor placement, and the key concepts regarding studio monitors. Topics explored include principals of studio monitor and subwoofer placement, early reflections, RT60 time, and Speaker Boundary Interference Response.

Delivered in 13 lectures in 4 sections, a keen student could complete the course in as little as one afternoon, but 1 week is recommended. At the end of each section, a quiz will recap on knowledge learnt.

Aimed at small studios, the content is equally relevant for large studios, listening rooms and home theatres. Completion of this course will result in a better understanding of room acoustics, and a better sound from your studio monitors or home theatre system.

Basic knowledge A computer capable of playing video Stereo (left and right) speakers or headphones English language fluency No prior knowledge of acoustics is required, though some experience setting up speakers or studio monitors is helpful What will you learn How to get better sound from your speakers or studio monitors A complete understanding of monitor placement Knowledge of studio monitor types and specific models Understanding of optimal room layouts for monitoring

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