Tamale  Moses

Tamale Moses


Visual Guide to C# async/await

If you’re newbie to C#, go read it. I will wait. Perhaps, I should say await ReadAsync() ?😆

Okay, I’m glad you’re still here. This post is my attempt to help C## developers to better grasp what async/await is all about.

Synchronous code

Let’s start with the synchronous version.

Asynchronous code

Next, the asynchronous one.

Visualize using Visual Studio

The animated GIFs are there to illustrate analogies in the our-almost-real-world. Let’s try to visualize it using Visual Studio.

Synchronous code

First, we will inspect the synchronous version.

Asynchronous code

Next, let’s see asynchronous version.

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Visual Guide to C# async/await
Shaylee  Lemke

Shaylee Lemke


Install Visual Studio 2019 Community – Best IDE for C#

In this article, I will show you how to install Visual Studio 2019 Community on to your machine to kickstart your development journey. Here is why everyone prefers Visual Studio over other IDEs – It’s a product from Microsoft who has built the .NET Framework, so obviously they know how to cater to the needs of the developers who use their framework.

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Sadie  Ratke

Sadie Ratke


Level-up your C++ productivity using Visual Studio

Come learn how you can improve your efficiency even while working from home. We’ll take a look at online development environments, Live Share, and a host of other new productivity features and tips.

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Ari  Bogisich

Ari Bogisich


A Complete Guide to fread() in C/C++

In this article, we’ll take a look at using fread() in C/C++.

The fread() function is very useful if you want to store the contents of reading a file into a buffer. Let’s take a look at how we can use this function, using some illustrative examples!

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Ari  Bogisich

Ari Bogisich


A Guide to using the strdup() function in C/C++

In this article, we’ll take a look at using the strdup() function in C/C++.

The strdup() function is very useful if you want to duplicate the contents of a string onto another string.

Let’s see how we can utilize this function, using some simple examples.

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Tamale  Moses

Tamale Moses


How to Run C/C++ in Sublime Text?

C and C++ are the most powerful programming language in the world. Most of the super fast and complex libraries and algorithms are written in C or C++. Most powerful Kernel programs are also written in C. So, there is no way to skip it.

In programming competitions, most programmers prefer to write code in C or C++. Tourist is considered the worlds top programming contestant of all ages who write code in C++.

During programming competitions, programmers prefer to use a lightweight editor to focus on coding and algorithm designing. VimSublime Text, and Notepad++ are the most common editors for us. Apart from the competition, many software developers and professionals love to use Sublime Text just because of its flexibility.

I have discussed the steps we need to complete in this blog post before running a C/C++ code in Sublime Text. We will take the inputs from an input file and print outputs to an output file without using freopen file related functions in C/C++.

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