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Async and Await in Swift 5.5

Apple has recently published a proposal to add a coroutine model to the Swift programming language. It brings a more convenient, efficient, and safer way to manage concurrency programming. The Async/Await syntax was introduced in the first phase of structured concurrency to allow users to organize complex asynchronous calls in the normal control flow mechanisms.

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Async and Await in Swift 5.5
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10 Free Online Resources To Learn Swift Language

Swift is a fast and efficient general-purpose programming language that provides real-time feedback and can be seamlessly incorporated into existing Objective-C code. This is why developers are able to write safer, more reliable code while saving time. It aims to be the best language that can be used for various purposes ranging from systems programming to mobile as well as desktop apps and scaling up to cloud services.

Below here, we list down the 10 best online resources to learn Swift language.

(The list is in no particular order)

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Top Swift Development Companies | Top Swift Developers -

A thoroughly researched list of top Swift developers with ratings & reviews to help find the best Swift development companies around the world.

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Antwan Larson


.NET 5 REST API Tutorial: 06 Tasks, Async and Await

Get the source code:
My Complete .NET Microservices Learning Path:

This is part 6 of my .NET 5 REST API Tutorial. You will learn:
• What is the asynchronous programming model
• How to use tasks, async and await to add asynchronous programming to your REST API

Twitter: @julioc

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