When a Data Center Makes More Sense Than the Cloud

At a certain point, a business has to make a choice with respect to data storage: do they want to opt for a cloud storage solution, store their data on-site, or outsource their data storage to a data center. There are financial, logistical, practical and even compliance and regulatory considerations to factor into these decisions. With that in mind, below are some of the situations in which a data center makes more sense than cloud storage.

You Have a Heightened Need for Security

While cloud computing and data storage solutions have come a long way in recent years, and it does offer you dedicated infrastructure with protected access and the added agility of pay-as-you-go, if you have the right protocols, compliance, and security software in place, your data can be as secure and potentially more in an off-site data storage or colocation center. Companies like TRG Datacenters  offer you expert, reputable secure offsite data storage that makes sure your proprietary information and customer data are kept safe and secure.

While security for cloud storage is by no means weak, and it is usually the first option for a wide variety of businesses, there are some realities of cloud storage that lead many companies to choose data centers. There is a lack of control when you choose to cloud storage, the issue of shared servers, often a lack of automatic data backup, data leakage, rogue devices, and vulnerable APIs and storage gateways to worry about.

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When a Data Center Makes More Sense Than the Cloud