Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

Objects, why are they important? Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript

What is an Object?

Ruby programming language is often referred to as being the language where everything is an Object.

2.6.1 :001 > Class.ancestors

=> [Class, Module, Object, Kernel, BasicObject]

If you look at this code snippet taken from a terminal, we are calling .ancestors to trace the inheritance of Class . This reveals the parent tree to us and allows us to see that in fact, all Ruby is actually an Object that you can trace all the up to the BasicObject. Well, JavaScript is similar in that literally almost everything in JS is an Object. You can spend hours debating the pros and cons of this or discussing how when JS was created it was not expected to be as popular as it is today, so they made everything Objects.

> typeof{Function}


But I digress, JS is in fact all Objects, and well what in the world is an Object? Objects are ways to contain data and code that can be used to represent real-world things (objects) into our code. In Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), programmers ask themselves how can this object be best represented? What makes this object unique, how can you best recognize it?

For example, how would one represent a Dog in code? Do we have to think about what makes a dog a dog? What are the attributes associated with being a dog? We know a dog can have a name, it can speak by barking, it can wag its tail. To best represent this, we use Classes and constructors to add these attributes to a dog whenever a program creates it.

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