Pythonic Tips & Tricks — Using Comprehension

Pythonic Tips & Tricks — Using Comprehension

Interesting ways to use List Comprehension

List comprehension is a powerful tool that allows Python programmers to write codes in an extremely condensed fashion. In this article we will go over how to use list comprehension to simplify otherwise complex functions.

Let’s begin!

To start off, let’s create a sample string.

sample_string = 'sample_for_list_comprehension'

Now let us create a Python list that contains every character of that string as its elements.

sample_list =[]
for s in sample_string:

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Creating a List

We can actually generalize this code and turn it into a Python function. The below code does just that.

def list_creator(input_string):
    final_list = []
    for i in input_string:
    return final_list
sample_list = list_creator(sample_string)

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