Check Pair of Brackets (Well-Formatted) in an Expression

Check Pair of Brackets (Well-Formatted) in an Expression

A simple program to check the pair of brackets using Stack in Java, Python, and C#.

A simple program to check the pair of brackets using Stack in Java, Python, and C#.

This is a most favorite question for interviewers, so prepare it before appearing for the interview.

Problem: Check Bracket Pairs/Balanced parenthesis using Stack. Check out the below expression, write a program to check whether started bracket ends or not. Order of Brackets like, ‘[’,’]’,‘{’,’}’, ‘(’,’)’ must be correct, then print “Paired”; otherwise, “Not Paired”. Input: [({})] Output: Paired Input: [(){] Output: Not Paired

Code for Java using Stack

```// Easy Java program for Bracket Pairs checking import java.util.*;

public class BracketPairsChecker {

// Method to check if brackets have complete pair or not.
public static boolean areBracketsPaired(String expr)
    // Using ArrayDeque is faster than using Stack class
    Deque<Character> stack
        = new ArrayDeque<Character>();

    // Traversing the Expression
    for (int i = 0; i < expr.length(); i++)
        char x = expr.charAt(i);

        if (x == '(' || x == '[' || x == '{')
            // Push the element in the stack

        // If current character is not opening bracket, then it must be closing. So stack cannot be empty at this point.
        if (stack.isEmpty()) {
            return false;
        char check;
        switch (x) {
        case ')':
            check = stack.pop();
            if (check == '{' || check == '[')
                return false;

        case '}':
            check = stack.pop();
            if (check == '(' || check == '[')
                return false;

        case ']':
            check = stack.pop();
            if (check == '(' || check == '{')
                return false;

    // Check Empty Stack
    return (stack.isEmpty());

// Main method to check the code.
public static void main(String[] args)
    String expr = "[({})]";
    // String expr = "[(){]";

    // Function call
    if (areBracketsPaired(expr))
        System.out.println("Not Paired");


Read more program made in C#, Python, Java and C langauage.

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