Issue Exploration. Industrial Internet

Issue Exploration. Industrial Internet

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Industrial internet is a scientific term used to describe how physical machinery that is very complex has been integrated with network software and sensors. This makes machines work intelligently almost like humans. In the recent past, there have been made major steps in the development of highly intelligent software that have been successfully implemented in industries including aviation, manufacturing and processing plants, healthcare, engineering and technology laboratories. Economic analysis reveals the revolution brought about by industrial internet. I fully agree with the speaker that the industrial revolution is in place due to internet. This essay is focused on the importance of industrial internet, how it has affected the society, and what I want to do after reading about this topic as known by writing service

Innovation means coming up with a better and easier way and cost-friendly solution to the existing problem. This means that the revolution of industrial internet has lots of advantages to the whole society. In the aviation sector, automated systems have been put in place so as to monitor the status of aircrafts. This makes it easier to detect faults and fix them in good time as compared to before where it was done manually. Ticketing systems are also implemented in the most developed countries for the purpose of providing efficient service to customers, where they can serve themselves online effectively since the systems can handle big amount of data. In the United States, healthcare is one of the most revolutionized industries. There is electronic monitoring equipment that checks the status of patients and automatically sends updates instead of nurses who take time to do this manually. This means that an issue can be detected in good time, and more patients can be attended to that results in saving more lives in less time. These are just two of many examples.

The effects of the Industrial revolution to society are clear. There is evidence of better and more efficient service delivery to the society. However, many people have no choice but to keep up the pace of this technological revolution. Using intelligent systems means that people should be technologically aware and able to communicate and get information that could otherwise be attended to by human beings, who are more patient and friendlier unlike systems which respond to proper requests. For this reason, in industries which use automated complex systems, there are training sessions on how to operate and use them. Foe example, in the health care sector, all nurses and doctors will have to know how to operate these systems. There is also a threat of unemployment now because the systems are doing what several people would have been employed to do.

After doing research on this topic, I plan to engage in further research on the changes brought about by the industrial revolution. I also recommend economic analysts to do more research so that they can provide relevant advice to the industries regarding the effect of the internet revolution on employment. I do not suggest that revolution should not be embraced, but there should be a balance so that the benefits of the industrial revolution do not cause more harm than good. More young talents should be exposed to what is happening in the real industrial environment than being fed with just theories in closed classrooms. Thus, they will be more motivated to be innovative and put into practice what they read in books.

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