Should you ditch Serverless for AWS CDK?

Should you ditch Serverless for AWS CDK?

The Serverless Framework is the most popular framework for building serverless applications, but does how it compare to the new AWS CDK?

The Serverless Framework is the most popular framework for building serverless applications, but does how it compare to the new AWS CDK? In July 2019, AWS announced its own framework Cloud Development KitAWS CDK is a framework to deploy serverless applications and any AWS resource. AWS CDK helps you achieve infrastructure as code similar to AWS CloudFormation and Terraform.

This post will compare Serverless Framework and AWS CDK in different areas: framework ease of use, extensibility, and security. By the end you should be able to determine whether you should stay with Serverless or adopt CDK.

Overview of the frameworks

Both AWS CDK (which we will refer to as “CDK”) and the Serverless Framework (which we will refer to as “Serverless”) are both JavaScript frameworks that you may install as a Command Line Interface (CLI) script via npm or yarn. Both support AWS, but their use varies.

What is the Serverless Framework?

Serverless allows you to deploy serverless applications to multiple cloud providers. Serverless supports the following providers:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Tencent Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • Knative
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Cloudflare
  • fn
  • Kubeless
  • OpenWhisk
  • spotinst

The Serverless configuration file (named “serverless.yml”) uses a similar format for most providers, which allows you to switch mental context between providers reasonably easily. The “serverless.yml” file will enable you to specify your configuration using YAML syntax and put your function source code like JavaScript, Python, Go, and any other language the cloud provider supports. Serverless will deserialize the “serverless.yml” and convert it to the cloud provider’s underlying format (e.g., AWS CloudFormation template).

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Development Kit (CDK)?

CDK allows you to deploy resources in AWS using TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Java, and .NET. Your source code defines both the resources and the files those resources need (e.g., AWS Lambda function source code). CDK will synthesize the source code to create the appropriate AWS CloudFormation template.

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