Intermediate JavaScript Concepts

Intermediate JavaScript Concepts

Functions, Hoisting, Scope, and Closures .A function in JavaScript is a set of statements that take some input, do a certain task, and return some output.

1. Functions

A function in JavaScript is a set of statements that take some input, do a certain task, and return some output.

When working with functions, you first have to define the function, which involves naming it and saying what actions it does. Then, it actually get those actions to happen, you have to call the function.

There are two main ways to define a function: function declarations and function expressions. (Note: there also is something called the function constructor, though it’s less commonly used.)

Function declarations

A function declaration, also known as a function definition or a function statement, is one way to define a function. It’s structured like the following:

function name(input) {

The name of the function is name. The input is the parameters for the function, and it's enclosed in parentheses. Inside of the curly brackets is statements, which do a certain task. statements often return a value, or an output. A function does not have to take in any parameters, so input is optional. The statements themselves are also optional (though that would just mean you'd have an empty function that didn't do anything).

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